Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Here I Go!!

I have been reading lots of other blogs lately - blogs by scrapbookers, decorators, mothers, teachers and knitters. I love how I am getting to know these women. So many of them are so similar to me. I read their words and I constantly think - "Wow- I could do that!" or " I am so glad she is going through the same thing I am!" or "I love her creativity. She is such an inspiration!" I got to thinking, maybe other women would want to hear my simple story, or read about my darling kids, or see pictures of my artsy pursuits??

Well, even if no strangers log into this blog - maybe my family will look it up just to see what our family has been doing lately. I will **try** to keep it up to date.

So onward and upward - my first REAL blog post coming soon!

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