My name is Bronwyn and I am so glad you have stopped by for a visit. I hope you find joy and inspiration in everything you see here. I live with my family in a new, builder-grade townhome in a small city, even though my dream home would be a century old farmhouse in the countryside. Daily I strive to add warmth, "age," and character to our little home. I love to knit, crochet, sew, decorate, bake and go thrift shopping. These are all a wonderful release after my three small children are off to bed each evening. Thankfully, I have a patient and understanding husband, Kevin, who allows me to bring all kinds of crazy things into our home in the the name of "creativity."

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2 Layouts for You!

Wow! I never have time to blog anymore! Who am I kidding, I haven't even had time to scrap lately! My new job has knocked me right off of my feet and I feel like I spend every "free" moment thinking about it. I'm sure I'll get into the groove soon enough and my evenings will become "me" time again!

Summer 2010 will forever be know as the "Goat Summer." Yep. I said goat. We seemed to meet them everywhere - at farms, on the side of the road and at the homes of distant relatives. I have a good chuckle evertyime I think about it so I thought I would commemorate this change of events with a layout I entitled "EIEIO.:



Bryn played soccer again this summer. Once again, we just hoped that Bryn would try his best, run his fastest and be a good team player. He never scored any goals, but he always put his heart and soul into each game. And you know what? He got pretty good at playing in net. Maybe he's meant to PREVENT goals, not SCORE them!

Stayed tuned for The Scrapping Bug's Design Team reveal coming up in the next 24 hours!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Little Touch of Autumn

I love the fall! It is most definitely my favourite season. Haul out those sweaters, bring on the colourful leaves and make mine a Pumpkin Spice Latte!

After cruising some decor blogs, I got in the mood for some fall in my home. Just a few touches so far, but I am liking the new "autumnal" mood.


This is my dining room table. See the fabric pumpkins? I made those. I have made about 5 so far, but the other 3 haven't found homes yet.


Do you like the sticks? I grabbed them along a train track near our home.


I have had the Autumn sign for several years. I haven't hauled it out for a few though. My hubby thought it looked nice here, but he was rather put out because this dresser is in our main hallway and he likes to drop all his "stuff" here when he gets home. Now there's no room. Sorry hun!


Love the sunflowers. This arrangement greets friends and family right at the front door. Very fall, wouldn't you say?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Back" to School


Isn't this too funny? My older 2 children are off to grade 1 and JK respectively. The baby, well, he has 2 more years to wait. But that didn't stop him from NEEDING a backpack on the first day of school. He noticed all the attention big bro and sis were getting and it seemed to be because they had fancy new backpacks on. So he wanted one too!!

Luckily I had stored away this little dino-backpack after Bryn grew out of it. Now it carries Camden's blankie and Kitty to daycare everyday because he HAS to carry a bag just like the "other" big kids!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Just Signed Up for This!!!



I have taken other classes from this site before - "Picture Spring" and "The Challenge of Me." This time, because I love this part of the year (you know - Autumn!) I signed up for "Saving Your Sanity Throughout the Holiday Season" because I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas already!!

I figured, with three kids at home and a full-time job, I could use any help I could get in order to "Save My Sanity!"

I am looking forward to this class because it is not all about layouts. In it we will be making holiday decor, cards, organizational tools and gifts. A nice variety, I think.

So- any of my scrapping or crafting friends want to join me in this class? I'd love to share some ideas back and forth!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Project 12 - August 2010


Here is my 8th installment in the year of Project 12. We are given a sketch at the beginning of each month and we are encouraged to use it to celebrate that particular month in any way we wish.


You know those picutres that you take each month that you love because they capture everyday happenings? Well, I take a lot of those and I really like using the monthly sketches to add these misfit photos into our scrapbooks.


August was a busy month, spent mostly close to home, but it still contained many memoiries I want to remember forever!!

(All products - Fancy Pants)

Monday, September 6, 2010

2 Layouts in Celebration of Wonderful Summer


Yep. It's here. the last day of summer. This is a big event in our house because FOUR of us head back to class this week. Kevin and I begin our 11th year of teaching - me at a new school and him in a new role as a department head. As well, Bryn heads back to begin grade 1 and Afton starts JK!! Wow. What a whirlwind.

Before the fall begins, I'm taking a look back at Summer 2010 with 2 very summery layouts. On this particular day, Afton had her best friend Charlotte over for a playdate and we made gourmet ice cream sundaes for afternoon snack. Very yummy!!


This next layout is a mix of photos taken throughout the month of August.


Love that shot of Bryn with the ice cream cone!! Do you like the page accents? I am proud of myself because they are ANCIENT!! I have had these BoBunny stickers for years and never got around to using them. And look-I used 6 of them on 1 layout!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Trying Somethng New....

It figures - I am trying out a new creative outlet and it may be a more expensive craft than scrapbooking!! Here's a peek:


I really wanted to make myself a new lunchbag for work and one weekend, home visiting my parents, I walked by a quilting store on the main street. Sure enough, in the window were samples of bags of all sizes done in a plethora of gorgeous prints. I had to have one and I knew I'd have to make it myself. Luckily, I am an experienced sewer and knew that putting one of these bags together wouldn't be too hard.


I loved choosing the matching fabrics at the store and then cutting them out and sewing them together to create a pretty patchwork. I will not lie, I did not hand-quilt the layers together, I used my machine because my time was tight if I wanted my bag before school starts again!

Here is the finished product:


I love how I mixed-up the button colours to go with the crazy mix of fabrics.


Do you like? I have enough fabric to make another matching bag. I think little Afton will receive my next one!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Scrapping Bug - September Kit Reveal!!

I am loving designing for the Scrapping Bug store in Kitchener. This my second month joining in on the fun and this time round we were using a school themed line by Jillibean called "Alphabet Soup."

My first layout featured pics of my daughter who will be starting JK next week. I can't believe she is old enough for school already!!


My two older children have a subscription to "Chirp" magazine. This month's issue featured a cardboard guitar activity. As soon as they saw it, they begged Daddy to cut them out some guitars. Within an hour they were rocking out and I snapped some pretty funny pics:



As well, I made this teacher card using some apple diecuts. I tired some more embossing - something I am just becoming comfortable with!