Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Rainbow of Granny Squares

Lately I have been crocheting a lot of baby blankets using leftover pastel yarn- pale blue, pale pink, pale yellow. Although I ADORE those colours, I was ready for a change of pace!

And that's why I began THIS:Oh yeah! Look at the rainbow here! I have just as many leftover balls of yarn in these bright, saturated colours so I dove in head first.

I picked most of my colours from the mixed variagated yarn I used in the first few squares I made. Then it exploded from there!

My hubby says it would be a perfect baby boy blanket. I have to agree. My boys are very well "blanketed" already (mostly from Nana!) so this homemade "blankie" will find it's way into another child's nursery soon!

I have collected another basket of leftovers, ready for another crochet endeavour. I think I have had enough of granny squares for awhile. I think I might attempt a zig-zag style blanket next.

So, give me month or two - and I'll have another crochet"ta-da" to share!!

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