Wednesday, November 2, 2011

From Garish Gold to Perfect Pink!

This year I vowed I would get rid of any Christmas items I haven't used in recent memory. So there I was, the day BEFORE Hallowe'en, going through my boxes of tree ornaments, culling and purging like I was on "Hoarders" or something!

And there were so many! I'd been collecting ornaments since high school - and let's just say, it's been A LONG time since high school!

I had a ton of cheap plastic baubles and balls leftover from our early married years when we bought all of our ornaments from Wal-Mart in sets of 64 or something!

Here are the best ones - garishly golden pinecones and cherubs.
Hmm...these just aren't my style anymore. Time to get rid of them...or maybe.....
I can just hit them with a can of flamingo pink spray paint! Oh yeah!

After 3 good coats on either side in the fresh air of my garage, these lovely little beauties appeared!
I'm in love. A little pretty, and a little girly and a whole lot kitschy, but perfect to go with my new Christmas Decor theme for 2011 - RED, PINK, BLUE & GREEN.

My daughter thinks her mother is a genius.
"What else can we paint pink, Mommy?"

(Speaking of pink, do you see the rosy little cheeks on her? Couldn't you just eat her up? )
Thanks for the visit. Stop by again soon. I'm sure I'll be doing MORE CHRISTMAS craft projects VERY soon!


  1. So pretty ... I can't wait to see how you incorporate them into your Christmas decorations.

  2. This is pretty I LOVE it.. I would LOVE if you could link up to my Pin Inspirational Party today pweease.. TY

  3. I'm giggling my butt off, B. Your talent (and obsession with pink) warms the cockles of my heart.


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