Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cricket is Back!

Two years ago, a box arrived in the mail addressed to our three children, sent directly from Santa Claus. Inside was our own personal elf, sent to watch over our children each day leading up to Christmas. Each night he flies home to the North Pole and fills Santa in on their behaviour during the day.
On Christmas Day, Cricket returns to his home in the north, waiting for the day during the following November that he will travel back to us for the next Christmas season.

This year, he arrived the Saturday morning right after Hallowe'en. The kids awoke to this:

Cricket had arrived and left a fully prepared breakfast and a note chronicling what he had been doing over the last 10 months. There were also some simple instructions about behaviour for the months of November and December.
The kids were so excited about the arrival of Cricket - she signals the beginning of the Christmas Season. My husband and I were most excited about the fact that our 7-year-old son could read the whole letter from Cricket without any aid!
Cricket had prepared a baked egg dish, and left strict instructions that it tasted best with a little bit of ketchup. And on the side, there was mugs of hot chocolate, complete with 5 mini-marshmallows for each of us.
The table was set with holly covered dinner plates and each place setting had its own candy cane. Candles lit the table in the early morning light.
Breakfast was yummy! Family time is wonderful! And Christmas - let it begin!!

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  1. This is so fun! Our Elf just arrived, from the North Pole, for the first time a few days ago.
    I can't wait to share it with our kiddos in a few days.

  2. there are so many things I love about this post:
    1) bryn reading
    2) cricket's handiness (How did she know you all liked marshmellows?)
    3) Crickets' role in reminding Camden to 'play nice'
    4) photos
    5) the wonder I have in my older sister who is a really incredible Mom.

  3. what a fun way to start off the Christmas season.
    I wonder if Cricket would still work in my house.

  4. Cricket makes excellent egg strata, by the way. I highly recommend hiring a magic elf to do some cooking.


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