Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pink and Sparkly Christmas Wreath

I heading towards a different looking Christmas this year, in terms of colour in my decor. Lately I have really fallen in love with the use of pink, red and turquoise that I have seen in magazines and on many of the blogs I visit.
So, when my little lady requested a pink wreath for her bedroom door, I immediately went for pink. After all, she has a lovely little pink Christmas tree right inside her room. Wouldn't they look lovely together?

On a recent trip to Dollarama I found this simple white and silver wreath. I shopped my house and found all the other materials for my wreath - silver ribbon, a silver snowflake, white branches and some plastic icicles.

And some crocheted roses - of course! I've made a ton lately, and now I am putting a few more to use.
Then, with my trusty glue gun in hand, I began adding the sparkle - first the twigs and snowflake ornament.
A lovely silver bow:
And seven pink roses, crocheted in a variety of blush shades, including one with a thread of silver running through. To amp up the girly factor, I glued large pearl beads into their centres.
So what do you think? Me? I LOVE IT! It turned out even better than I hoped.
It glistens.
I kind of wish I could display it in a more "public" place in my home so more people could enjoy it. But I guess it can our family's pretty little pink secret at the end of the upstairs hallway.
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  1. I want one. For Next year. On my front door. that is all.

  2. Absolutely beautiful - my little princess would love one, I will have to do a version now! Thanks for sharing! x

  3. So pretty, I love the various shades of crochet pink roses. I also think the pink and silver go so well together. No matter where it is it will be appreciated. Now following you. Wishing a happy Thanksgiving. Thanks so much for sharing over at Sunday's Best.

  4. Congrats this was one of last week's features. Please stop by a grab a button and link up another fabulous project.

  5. This is SO pretty!!! Thanks so much for sharing at Homemaker in Heels! :)

  6. What a beautiful wreath Bronwyn! It turned out beautifully! Happy Sunday! Angie xo

  7. I would love to have the pattern for the crocheted roses. Could you please post it or have a link to it?

  8. This is a very sweet wreath....i am a new crafter and looking for easy crafts....sorta like a newbie with no talent but eager to learn..i would enjoy learning some of your ideas.



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