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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Toys!!

Being a kindergarten teacher, and the teacher of 2 classes (40 kids in all!), I receive A LOT of Christmas presents. This year was no exception! Two very smart parents bought me Michaels gift cards - and I couldn't wait to spend them!! I can't believe I have held those cards for 4 whole days before making it to Mississauga to spend them. Amongst other things, these are my new, most favourite-est toys:


Three lovely punches from Martha Stewart. I really like her stuff, but I always find it too expensive. So, when someone is giving me the $$$ to spend - I spend it freely!!

I want to highlight the button punch. It is SO COOL! I had seen it on another blog
http://scrappyfairy.blogspot.com/ (A very cool blog by the way!) and knew I had to have it too!

When you squeeze this punch, it cuts the disc shape, punches the four holes and embosses the raised cirlce around the edge. In the words of my oldest son - "Way Awesome!"


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  1. ohh... such a cool teacher present! I bet you totally enjoyed it! Like the purchases... I think i may have to check out mississauga more often!


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