Saturday, January 2, 2016

This Year I Will Be.....

I am not really into resolutions as they have traditionally gone - make some promises to oneself as New Year's Day arrives, live by them faithfully for a few weeks, then gradually have them fizzle out as days get busier and your body and mind get more and more tired.
I guess I am more about setting goals that can be met relatively easily. You know - guaranteed success with a little planning and prioritizing.
I have also picked a "word of the year" as so many people do this time of the year.  Mine is:
Without going into too much detail, the end of 2015 was far from calm - in fact it was manic-ly uncalm and full of way too much  stress at my my job. So to ensure that I don't lose my mind over the next 6 months, my plan is to search out the calm everywhere, even in the most stressful of situations. I will stop for a cup of tea, I will take my dog for a 10 minute walk, I will breathe deeply and place a smile on my face even when I am far from happy.  I can choose how I react to each stressful situation, and in 2016, I will choose calmness over anger, tears, stress or guilt.
Now onto less heavy goals!!

1.  I will keep my craft area tidy so that I can retire there each day for a few minutes of crafty me time without the stress of looking at the mess I quite often leave there.  
(Not my craft room, just perfect images off the internet!)

2.  Reconnect and spend more time with my extended family and faraway friends.  No one is more than a car-ride away (except my sister in Costa Rica!) so there is no excuse to not to meet up more often for coffee, craft time or simply a stroll around the park. 

3.  Shop more smartly.  I began a bit of this in the fall, and I am finding it is really working for me.  I used to buy tons of stuff because it was cheap and trendy.  Now, I shop around for the perfect items - I think about colour, fit, quality and whether it expands my wardrobe and works well with the pieces I already own. Needless to say, I have bought less lately, but I adore every piece.  I am looking forward to using these strategies with the new spring lines arriving in stores now. 

4.  Fill my life with PRETTY.
This aesthetic really does bring joy to my heart.  Flowers, home decor, fabrics, patterns, art, clothing - I will surround myself in all of these things throughout 2016.
 5.  Try a new class at the gym. 
I attend my local gym faithfully about 4 times a week.  I usually do Zumba and use the machines.  However, I think it is time to shake up my workout a little more. I think I may give Spinning a try. Maybe this week.  I'll let you know how it goes.

6.  Explore Toronto
We live so close to one of the most amazing cities in the world.  However, I have to admit that I take very little advantage of it.  It's wonderful to drool over gorgeous pictures of London, Paris and Prague, but I am sure there are just as many photograph-worthy gems in TO and I am going to seek them out!

I think these goals sounds reasonable, don't you think?
Nothing earth-shattering, but real and attainable.
I am planning my first day out in Toronto already and I've got my shoes packed for my first spinning class. 
Tune in here to see how it all comes into fruition!


  1. They sound like wonderful goals Bronwyn. I hope that you achieve them all in bucket loads! Happy New Year! xx

  2. Love your word - calm! I am sure you will achieve this especially being surrounded by pretty :) I agree with everything you have written and look forward to reading as you achieve your goals xxx

  3. Love your word - calm! I am sure you will achieve this especially being surrounded by pretty :) I agree with everything you have written and look forward to reading as you achieve your goals xxx

  4. All great plans for the coming year. Good luck with them all. May I suggest visiting for some ideas about getting to know your own city?

  5. Great goals, wishing you every success with them. Also sending you and yours best wishes for the New Year.

  6. These sound like excellent goals, and achievable ones too, which is what matters. Those images of the craft room though....swoon! x

  7. I love your goals and I think they are certainly doable! I also love the word you chose. I have chosen a word of the year for the past two of three years and it really seems to help focus me. I have truly tried to live up to my word each year. I always enjoy the happy photos you share vibrant and colorful! Hope 2016 is treating you well so far and I hope school has been less stressful that it ended in December. It certainly can be challenging and stressful at times. Have a lovely rest of the week!

  8. oh I bet Toronto is gorgeous I would love to visit, I feel calmer now I have left my job most definitely and have loved spending time crafting at my desk. I aim to craft more this year it is a real passion of mine that I haven't had time for the last few years, hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a wonderful New Year xx


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