Thursday, January 14, 2016

Cold & Wintr'y Outside, Warm & Cosy Inside (Five on Friday)

Up until this week, we've pretty much avoided  all signs of a real Canadian winter.  It's been cool, rainy and wet and we definitely did not have a white Christmas.
However, the snow never stays away for long around here and sure enough, winter has arrived full force here near Toronto. 
The boots have come out, the woolly scarves are wrapped and knotted  and the dog no longer wants to go on his early morning walk.  It's mid-January and it finally feels like winter.
So while the snow and wind rages outside, my family and I have been enjoying all the cosi-ness of home.
Joining in once again with Amy's "Five on Friday," I would love to share five photos that illustrate the week that has been.
Number One:  Quiet Book Time
Every night at about 7pm, the whole family sits down quietly in the family room and enjoys an hour of  reading time all together.  Snacks are allowed but they have to be prepared before 7pm so that food prep does not cut into the time meant for books.  We sometimes have complaints because the kids would rather be on the Wii or building with Lego, but usually we can count on all three children to be cuddled up on the sofa with blankets, books and the dog. It's the perfect way to wind down before bed. 


Number Two: Flowers "Just Because"
Kevin brought these roses home one day this past week.  He said it was for "no reason" but I am sure he realized I was having a grumpy day and that I could really use something beautiful to brighten my spirit.  He knows me so well!

Number Three: Strawberry Macarons
My daughter received a macaron baking kit for Christmas from Santa Claus.  This past weekend we finally put it to use.  Our first attempt was about a 5 out of 10.  Half the biscuits stuck to the non-stick silicon baking liner or cracked upon removal.  However, they did taste good, had a marvellous texture and were especially delicious sandwiched together with strawberry jam.

Number Four:  A New Mug
One can never have too many cute mugs.  My hubby might argue otherwise,  but really, would you have left this "knitted" mug at the store??
Number Five:  Redecorating
Now that the Christmas décor has been put away for over 2 weeks, I am slowly trying to add in some little décor items that will add some pizazz back to the house during these cold and grey days.
I had forgotten that I bought this cute little guy last winter and was pleased as punch to put him out again  on my simple winter mantel. 

Do you have plans for your weekend?
How are you staying warm during these cold, wintr'y days?
I just heard about a Danish bakery in a nearby town and we'll be heading there for brunch on the weekend.  Other than that, we'll stay close to home, perhaps wear our pajamas all day.
We've also planned an "Alan Rickman" movie party.  So sad to hear of his death today.  Our first 2 films will be "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" and then "Sense and Sensibility." If time allows we'll also view at least one Harry Potter film, too.
Wishing you the loveliest of weekends!


  1. Great five. We always had a reading hour when my girls were small they now do that with there own children. Wonderful that a tradition is passed down the generations. Love the look of the macaroons and a gorgeous mug, I would have struggled to leave that one behind. Have a great weekend and stay warm.

  2. Oh I love that book you are reading, it's just perfect :)
    In fact everything about your five on Friday is just perfect. I love the idea about the hour of reading, that is so sweet, I shall have to remember that one.
    Have the fantastic weekend and enjoy your danish bakery, it sounds amazing x x x

  3. Love the reading hour I may have to implement this myself. Looks like you have winter all sorted stay warm.

  4. What beautiful flowers, how kind. :-)

  5. Lovely 5. It's great to hear that you all sit down to read too, we don't hear of enough people doing that and modelling reading like that to their children. this warmed my heart. I've heard making macaroons is very difficult so I think you and your daughter did exceptionally well for the first attempt. I am unbelievably sad about Alan Rickman, goodness knows how his partner of 50 years must be feeling. Great idea to have a movie night with him, think I will suggest that to my lot too ...

  6. How lovely of your husband to bring you flowers just because! I love the mug, and would have been very tempted myself. I like the idea of your reading hour, that book looks interesting too! Hope you enjoy your brunch. Thank you for joining Five On Friday! Happy Weekend! xx

  7. The flowers are so lovely, isn't it nice when our husbands know us so well. An hour of family reading sounds so good.

  8. I covet your knitted mug, haha. i love mugs but I don't have one that cute.


  9. Oh my! How wonderful that your family has the hour of reading time! Just the perfect way to all be together and have a special quiet time! You never hear of it anymore! And that's sad. The flowers your hubby brought home, sweet! They are just beautiful! Love the new mug. And it looks like you have the blue onion pattern that I started housekeeping with myself. I love it.

  10. What a lovely post, all of it. The reading hour is a great idea. I love the mug. After weeks of relentless rain here in the UK we now have frost. I'm snuggled up on the sofa with candles giving off a warm glow, reading my favourite blogs.

  11. What a lovely Five! Books, roses, macaroons... what more could one hope for on a chilly January day? Well, perhaps some hot coffee in your lovely knitted cup. :)
    I'll be back for your beautiful photos from Italy.
    Have a great week ahead!

  12. What a fabulous five on Friday! And I have the same tea cup as in your first photo... one of my favourites.I love the painting of the cup of tea and knitting in your header. Is that one of your own paintings? It is beautiful.

  13. This is a lovely Five, Bronwyn, and no, I definitely would not have left that mug in the store! I love the idea of a nightly reading hour, wonderful. Hope you have been warm and cosy this weekend. x

  14. Such a cool mug! And lovely snowman and flowers...
    Have a nice new week
    (we have snow here in Germany too now)

  15. So sad about Alan Rickman. I would not have left that mug either, it is fabulous. The flowers and Macarons are beautiful too. A lovely five as always Bronwyn xx

  16. A quiet time with everyone reading and relaxing with a good book sounds perfect. I love the white roses, the mug, the cute snowman. The macarons must have tasted as good as they look. Alan Rickman was a talented actor - very sad. I hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the brunch.

  17. I love the idea of your quiet reading time, it sounds perfect. How lovely to have flowers when you are feeling a bit low. Such a super five. I'm very sad about Alan Rickman and have been remembering seeing him on stage at the RSC in the 1980s and also his films, I still have A Little Chaos to watch, bought a couple of weeks ago never imagining what would happen:)

  18. Love the idea of family reading time, so often reading can be pushed aside but there's great comfort (and knowledge) in doing so. And there's no better flowers than just because flowers, have a fab week x


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