Thursday, January 7, 2016

Five on Friday - Photos From My Phone

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Whew! I have made it through the first week back to school/work after the holidays.  It has gone pretty smoothly, but man am I tired! I've got to get myself back onto a sleeping/eating/living schedule really quick so that week two doesn't feel quite as exhausting!
Thank-you so much for all your comments on my "resolutions" in my last post.  It feels wonderful to have so many supporters!
Speaking of resolutions, I came across this list of  New Year's goals and I found it very realistic:
Borrowed from the Simplified Bee
Amen to all of that, wouldn't you agree?
I am joining again this week with Amy's Five On Friday.  Here are five photos from my phone that illustrate the week that has been.
Number One:  My daughter wanted to spend some of her Christmas money on a new stuffed animal.  I suggested we visit "Build-a-Bear Workshop" where she could create her own stuffed animal.
She quickly chose a rainbow-hearted bear that she scented with strawberries and dressed in glittery pants and a sequinned top.  "Valerie" is the perfect bear for her!

Number Two:  In order to cut down a bit on my cookie/cake/muffin consumption, I have switched to enjoying a low-calorie hot chocolate as a dessert after my meals.  It satisfies my sweets craving and adds some milk/calcium to my diet!  A cute mug helps, too!

Number Three:  I took a week to un-Christmas and unclutter the house.  I am gradually adding back in the things I love and the items that will bring joy during this un-exciting month of January. 
(Those oranges were gone in 2 days by the way.  They are just SO GOOD this time of year!)

Number Four:  On the last day of holidays I was up before the sun worried about the lesson-planning I hadn't done for school the next day.  So, I was in my kitchen by 6am, lesson books and coffee in hand. By 7:30 I had done enough prep and I decided to drag the family out of bed too, and take them out for breakfast.
Everyone grumbled and complained until their meals arrived at the table.  Then, all of a sudden, smiles abounded and no one regretted the early rising time.  Here's my breakfast - a cinnamon swirl brioche bun covered in bananas, pecans and caramel sauce.  It was more like a dessert than a breakfast,  but I didn't mind!  :)

Number Five:  Now that all of my Christmas crafts are done (or not done and packed away!) I've gone back to some unfinished projects that I was working on back in October.  This patchwork quilt made up of circles appliqued onto squares is now mostly done after a enjoyable sewing session one night this week.  I need to pick up some backing fabric and binding ASAP and I hope to get the whole project done in the next week.  Watch this space.  I'll let you know how it's going......

Got any plans for the weekend?
So far nothing is in stone here, but I really want to check out a tea-shop or café somewhere near by.  My usual date, my daughter, is unavailable due to another "date" with her grandparents. So I may have to give her brothers a try.  I think my 7 year old would be adorable in a tearoom, but I am not sure how long he would last.  It definitely wouldn't be a slow and relaxing tea time.
My older son (11) would enjoy the cake and sweets but will be wondering when the meat and potatoes will arrive at the table. 
Hmm......I guess it might be a "tea room experiment." 
(Daisy Tea Rooms)
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I always start the year with good intentions but my "eat better" plan went off the rails last night with a Chinese take away! You seem to be doing much better than I am.

  2. I haven't made any resolutions yet, I may not this year. Hope you enjoy your afternoon tea whoever you go with, its one of my favourite things to do. Best wishes for 2016.

  3. Loved the resolutions list! I know the feeling only too well of getting up early in panic about lesson planning, when will we learn we have planned enough? Hope week 2 is less tiring for you also x

  4. I agree with the resolution list except for cleaning more. I really, really hate cleaning. A teddy bear would definitely be my stuffed animal of choice. I used to collect bears but had to curb that habit. Oh my! That breakfast definitely looks like dessert. Have a great weekend!

  5. I hope that you enjoy your tea room experiment this weekend! I am sure that your daughter will be enjoying her date! Valerie is a very cute bear, and I am sure that she was very happy to get home and take that big tag off her ear! That breakfast looks fabulous!! Thank you for joining Five On Friday again this year! Happy weekend! xx p.s. I know that you nominated me for the photo sharing meme last year, I haven't forgotten, I just haven't had chance to do it, I want to dig out some old photos, I will get to it! xx

  6. My two still have their bears that they built years and years ago. I think it was when this first started. Mine and hubby's voice still resonates from them. Just love these personalised bears. Now then, that breakfast is something to get up to with a smile. Good luck with the afternoon tea, I am sure they will enjoy it, especially the cake part. Have a wonderful and hopefully a restful weekend xx

  7. Love going out for breakfast, it's my favorite meal to eat out. I have a John Deere Bear that I "built" from a kit.

  8. It has been a long week of getting back into a routine. Now I must go have some hot chocolate :)

    I hope you can stop by:


  9. It was such fun to see your photos. Sounds like you have been very busy but having a great time with your family. Enjoy your weekend, Pat :)

  10. It takes awhile to get back into the routine of back to school. I'm glad I'm not in that routine anymore as I'm happily retired. Hopefully you'll have time for some crafting too.

  11. Love your patchwork, it's looking good. I like going out for breakfast too. We have a lovely place nearby with a log burning stove. Once you've eaten breakfast you can burn off the calories with a bracing walk along the beach. Barbara

  12. Looks like a lovely week in spite of having to return to the classroom! It was a rather exhausting week for me as well even though I only had my students for 3 days. The jet lag had not totally left me and I was oh so happy to see Friday arrive! I look forward to seeing the completed quilt. Your crafts are always so fun and colorful. Have a wonderful Sunday!


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