Thursday, January 21, 2016

Five On Friday - Pictures From Positano

Here we are - mid-January. Monday was "Blue Monday" - supposedly the yuckiest day of the year. I survived that particular day pretty easily, but I'll admit that I am starting to feel the winter in my bones.
My youngest son asked me this week what my favourite season is.  I had to think long and hard because I love all four seasons for different reasons.  However, the snow and  cold winds that had arrived that  day had obviously got to me and I quickly replied, "Summer!" 
It's true. I could use summer right about now.
Picture it- the beach, camping, flowers, flip-flops, BBQs.  Couldn't you get into that right now?
And how about summer vacations?  Those are pretty awesome, too.
How about a beach in Italy? Cold drinks on a patio? Sailboats and tropical flowers?
Sound good, don't they?
So without further ado, here is my "Five on Friday" for Amy at Love Made My Home.  This week I share with you five photos from our recent trip to Italy and our day-out in Positano.
Number One:  The Amalfi Coast from above.
Boats, crystal clear water, leafy green vegetation - sure signs of summer!

Number Two:   Art on the Sand 
Positano had so much artistic beauty including several artists at work on the sand and art installations right on the beach. This jolly looking woman caught my eye!

Number Three:  Look Up! The Beauty Continues
Between the sandy beach and the well-populated boardwalk lay an area of  natural growth that spread shade on all of the over-heated visitors.  I like this photo because of the juxtaposition of the branches of the tree and arms on the streetlamp. 

Number Four:  A View Backwards
Stand on the beach and look up, way up, and see the town built on the side of the Amalfi coast terrain.  Each layer of buildings is built on top of the row below, balancing each other and holding each other up like puzzle pieces.  Pull one out and they'd all fall down!
Number Five: Mojitos on the Beach
After a dip in  the water, one needs to step out of the sun and cool off.  Under the protection of a bamboo ceiling, we sipped mojitos and ate prosciutto and melon, slowly bringing our heightened body temperatures back into the "normal" range. 

Are you all "warmed-up" now?
Are you dreaming of a tropical clime?
I wish I could whisk myself back to Italy, summer 2015....
Oh - to have a time machine........
I shouldn't complain  too much though.  We are off to Florida in a few weeks time.  It won't be quite as lovely as Positano,
but I am sure some "warm-weather" memories will be made there, too!
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh how I long for those warm sunny days. Since we have had no snow in these parts of the UK I am so over winter and am craving some hot temperatures. Have a great weekend x x x

  2. Great photos. Have a wonderful time in Florida it is one of my favourite places to visit. Maybe I should get some holiday brochures out...

  3. Beautiful photos of the Amalfi coast and Positano. Enjoy your trip to Florida.

  4. I too live all seasons. It's important to where I live. I Trued living in a hit clime but my body and brain yearn for the changing of seasons. Do I have a favourite, ummm not sure. I know I'm yearning for fresh Spring time and all the hope that brings. Just jit this damp weather that gets into your bones...

  5. What a great Five. Just what I needed on a windswept rainy January day. Thank you. Keep warm this weekend. Barbara

  6. Oh wow - how wonderful it is to see sunshine!

  7. it's been years since we've been to Italy so I really enjoyed your photos.

  8. I can totally see the attraction of summer during the winter!!! You took me right back to a holiday in Sorrento a few years ago with your photos, and wonderful memories, I can almost feel the sun on my back! Enjoy your trip to Florida! Thank you for joining Five On Friday, happy weekend! xx

  9. Wonderful bright sunny skies and a glorious area. Have a great holiday - again! :-)

  10. Lovely to see gorgeous blue skies and beaches! It's great to look back and relive all the sights, smells and tastes once again. Oh and LOVE your new blog design :) xx

  11. Lovely photos, especially the one with all the buildings ... could be a jig saw puzzle. I'm longing for nicer weather too.

  12. Right about now, anywhere warm and dry would be a treat! We are having a cold, grey and rainy winter - par for the course. Oh for a little sunshine and sand!


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