Thursday, January 28, 2016

Five on Friday - January Comes to an End....

Just a quick blog post before our busy weekend begins. My yoga-instructing, vegan, gluten-free sister is arriving from Costa Rica and we have plans for pedicures, dinner out and a visit to a newly opened Dutch-Style café in a nearby city.
I need to go and finish tidying the guest room and plan my vegan meals for the weekend (I see a lot of veggies in my family's near future!) but I wanted to share five photos from my phone that illustrate the week that has been. 
I'm joining in with Amy's (Love Made My Home) weekly linky, Five on Friday.
Number One: Snowy Art
We've had a few sprinklings of snow around here in the last few days.  I love how this layer of the white stuff added to the beauty of the neighbour's stone-paved driveway.

Number Two: Warmth for Breakfast
Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and this is one of my favourite recipes HERE.
The family loves the strawberry/banana/chocolate version, but one day this week I changed it up and made it with apples, raisins and almonds instead.  It was scrumptious!!

Number Three:  Sweet Afton
Robbie Burns Day (January 25th)  is special in our home, not because of any particular affinity to anything Scottish, but because our daughter is named after a river mentioned in one of Burns' poems, "Flow Gently Sweet Afton."
Here is a YouTube link to my favourite musical setting of the poem :
Number Four:  Monte Carlo Cookies
I bake cookies each weekend for our kids' school lunches.  Most kids would choose a plain old chocolate chip cookie as their lunchbox treat, but not mine.  They like to search my baking cookbooks and choose something exotic and complicated.  This week they chose these layered confections, Monte Carlo Cookies.  Basically they are coconut oatmeal biscuits sandwiched together with red jam and a buttercream frosting.  Honestly, they were worth all the hard work. Delicious!!
Number Five:  Cold Weather Walking
Nothing beats a walk in the sunshine, surrounded by snow- as long as one is dressed for the weather!  Casey, our beagle-shepherd mix, adores frolicking in the snow so we try to get out every day for a walk through the nearby green space. 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. What a lovely week! Your Afton is such a beauty. :) Hope you have a lovely Friday and weekend!

  2. A lovely post! Delicious looking food, sunshine despite the snow and mention of a daughter who has a lovely name. Enjoy your sister's company. It sounds as if there'll be some fun activities. I'm off to prepare for our own visitor whose staying for a while. Have a great week!

  3. Have a wonderful weekend with your sister x x x

  4. What a gorgeous collection! It all looks good - but I'm particularly drooling over that breakfast.

  5. Those cookies look delicious, a great choice! Hope that you have a wonderful time with your sister!!! Thank you for joining Five On Friday, happy weekend! xx

  6. A post full of great things. The cookies look amazingly delicious! Hope you enjoy your time with your sister. Your Afton has a very sweet face.

  7. Love your five Bronwyn. Hope everything goes well this weekend and you enjoy your pamper time with your sister. Take care xx

  8. Great to read your five and see your lovely photos :-)

  9. Wonderful photos. I'm a big veggie eater, but I'm not sure how long I could go without meat.

  10. Hi Bronwyn - your name reminds me of my very favorite book, 'How Green was my Valley'. Lovely to see the snow patterns on the paving stones and your breakfast seems so healthy and delicious. Perhaps something you could serve your sister! Lovely photo of Mother and Daughter - two beauties and such lovely names. You are a dear for baking those special treats each week. These looks so yummy. I had a shepherd/beagle mix when I was a girl - she was my very best friend all through childhood. Lovely to visit you. xx Karen

  11. Such a lovely and inspiring Five! Wonderful photos!
    I hope you had a happy weekend. :)

  12. Such a lovely five. What a pretty name Afton is and how scrumptious all your food looks especially the cookies:)

  13. Hi Bronwyn, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. What a busy week you have had... I'd love to have that breakfast (my favourite meal too) and those cookies look yum!Afton is a pretty name - we celebrated Burn's ight with friends this week as my husband is Scottish. I don't eat haggis though!

  14. Love your 5 Bronwyn! But seriously, those cookies look AMAZING!! ;) Blessings. xoxo


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