Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Outfit of the Day - What I Wore Wednesday

It's that time again - Wednesday, and I am ready to share a few more outfits along with Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy Blog.
All of these outfits are ones I put together for work where the dress code is "dress casual."  I teach kindergarten and spend my day with twenty-nine 4,5 and 6 year olds so my clothing needs to comfortable, colourful and machine washable!
I've experimented a bit more with pattern this time around and I've learned a few things about plaid.  Like maybe it isn't really all that flattering. :(  I've also learned that pockets on my hip-bones don't work either. I guess that is where taking photos of oneself is beneficial.  All the little things that you can't catch in the mirror become very clear.  But to balance this, there are lots of things I like seeing.  For instance, I really like my glasses. They aren't new, but everyday I am pleased with how they look on my face.  AND - I think I accessorize pretty well.  Scarves and necklaces definitely finish off an outfit, adding detail and colour. 
So without further ado......
Black and White and Turquoise All Over
 Nautical Stripes and a Flash of Red

Mad About Plaid

Silver with a Pink Streak

Grey with Glitzy Stripes

Red Roses
School Colours for Spirit Day!

Blue, Berry and a Bunch of Buttons
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Thanks for popping by.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on these outfits and my self-portraits. 
What do you think of my new blog layout and colour theme?  I needed something new for 2016 and though this new "pinkness" was perfect!
Much love to all,


  1. All of your outfits look great! My favorite was the first one I think. I really like that top with the bright blue scarf. I am crazy about scarves and wear them a lot. Your new look on the blog is so pretty! I love it. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  2. I liked all of the outfits but I was impressed by the bright pink it really does suit your skin tones, I am also a fan of a button.

  3. Beautiful, also loving how you are starting to look way more comfortable in-front of the camera, and rightly so, you look great x x x

  4. You are right, your glasses look lovely on you. As do your outfits! I don't have anything plaid in my wardrobe but fancy one of those manly flannely woodcutter shirts, in red tones. Not sure if this is the right name but I am sure you know what I mean. Love your necklaces! x

  5. I'd wear any of those outfits but I wouldn't look half as good. My favourite is the blue and berry - it's a great colour combination.

  6. You look fabulous, you have obviously worked out your own style very well! xx

  7. This is wonderful. You look great in all the photos, like you're very comfortable in your own skin, and it's so interesting to see what other people wear. I have to dress quite smartly for work and have developed a uniform of dress, tights, and boots. I would love to be able to wear clothes that are more like what you wear. x


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