Monday, November 30, 2015

Every Day...A Little More Christmas!

Life is busy.  And the Christmas season should be fun and low-stress.  So in order to survive the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and the swirl of the festive season, I started my Christmas decorating right after Remembrance Day during the middle of November. I know, some would find that too early, but I really wanted to make sure that I enjoyed the process, not just the product.  
So here we are, with the arrival of December and I am happy to say that most of my Christmas "animation" is displayed for all to see.   I have a few things I may tweak this coming weekend, but overall I am pleased with what I see!

Now could I interest you in a quick viewing?  I've taken a handful of pictures and would love to give you a glimpse into our Christmas-sy world. 

(I'll keep the text to a minimum 'cause Christmas cuteness can speak for itself!)

(These are fridge magnets I got at the Dollar Tree!)

(I made this Advent Calendar nearly 10 years ago and the kids still ask for it every year!)

(This my new pillow cover made by Lucy over at Craftberry Bush.)

(My mantel is only half-done in this picture.  I'll show you the finished product next time!)

And that is just HALF of what is decorating our house right now!!

I'll share a bit more on the weekend, but before that I hope to share a holiday recipe that has got my family all tied in sugary sweet knots this holiday season.  

How is your decorating going?  
Do you have a colour theme or a particular style you love?

I hope you are all finding joy in this new month!
24 sleeps until Christmas!!




  1. Everything looks so fun and festive! The advent calendar is so cute. I bet the kids do love using it each year. I wanted to let you know I received Molasses in the mail today! Thank you so much. He is just the cutest and I love him! Have a blessed week!

  2. Your home looks wonderful, all decked out for the season. A start has been made on mine, I have so many ornaments that they don't all go out so I have a different theme each year. A wonderful collection that friends/family add to each year.

  3. In my book it is never too early to start Christmas decorating! Ours are all up and the lights are twinkling away. We seem to just collect each year keeping things traditional and cozy. Just the outside to do, but that's the man of the house's job so it is always late!! Your decorations look wonderful and perfect - I bet the kiddies can't wait for the big day! xx

  4. How lovely your house looks, all cheerful and happy. I have dusted the advent calendars and started sorting through my decorations. Soon my house will be a little sparkly, too. Have a lovely week. x

  5. Gorgeous decorations, they all looks lovely. I don;t blame you for putting them up early, at least you get to make the most of them and really enjoy therm. Little bits have been creeping in our home but I shall be going the whole hog this weekend, buying the tree and bringing in all the decorations from the garage.
    I love the Scandinavian look, reds and whites and a rustic feel, you just can't beat it.
    Love Gem x x x

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