Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Christmas Projects 2015: Home Sweet Home

As Remembrance Day passes here in Canada, I feel it's finally time to unlease the Christmas spirit on the blog. I'll admit- I've been crafting up a storm already, reading every festive magazine I can get my hands on and drinking as many Peppermint Mochas from Starbucks as I can!

  My goal during the next 7 weeks is enjoy as many hours of Christmas fun as I can - whether it's decorating, baking, crafting or reading Christmas books.   If I continue at the same rate as I have so far since Halloween two weeks agao, I am sure I will be able to share a new "make" with you each week right up until Christmas.  

Are you ready for my first creation of the season??

Home Sweet Home
What seemed like a simple hoop project at first glance turned out to be a many-stepped project involving a lot of time and patience.  But I enjoyed every minute of it!!
This was one of those projects that I couldn't wait to sit down and get working on every single night.

I traced the image "old-school" just as my mother taught a long time ago- white fabric on a black image, taped to the window.  An extra sharp pencil works best too! Next came my floss choices - a little bit traditional and a little bit trendy!

The first stitches I attempted were a simple back-stitch.  I had this done in no time. 

Then things got a little more complicated.  Next I had to perfect the lazy daisy stitch, apply and sew on some uncooperative felt letters then confidently create bunches of felt holly leaves. 

 After much ripping out and starting again, I was happy with the results:

See the little red berries on the "pine branches?" Those are glass seed beads sewn on one by one, too.  (No detail was missed on this project, my friends!)

I love how this turned out. Now I need to find the perfect place to display it. I think I may make several Christmas hoops and hang them on the plain wall around our TV.  

Hmm....Keep checking this space to see my final decision.....

What am I making now?  Well, it involves felt, too, and the faces of 3 Christmas friends - Santa, Rudolph and Frosty.  I should be done it tonight and I am already looking forward to showing it to you soon!

Have you started your Christmas crafting?
How about your decor?  




  1. Oh Bronwyn! This is the most delightful Christmas make I have seen so far this season! I am simple in pretty! I love the festive colours...and my! Your stitching is perfection!
    I too devour anything Christmassy from this time mother has acually had to ban me playing Christmas music till at least the end of November! LOL! Yes, I am a hopeless case!
    Enjoy your creating...much love!

  2. It is beautiful!!! You are going to have many beautiful things made by Christmas to decorate your home! xx

  3. Oh my! I love how this turned out! Just gorgoeus.All the details are sweet perfection! I have recently taken up embroidery again and think I NEED to make one of these! Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see more! Have a lovely Thursday!

  4. Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous, I love it, great work my lovely.
    I've tried embroidery once and it looked a mess, I must admit, I hadn't traced a pattern onto the fabric first though, perhaps that is where I went wrong.
    Love Gem x x x

  5. Your embroidery is beautiful - well done. I wonder if they do Peppermint Mochas in Starbucks in the UK. I had a pumpkin spice latte this morning. Love pumpkin spice. Joan at

  6. Such a delight to see, beautiful stitches. Looking forward to seeing what you do next.

  7. Brownwyn, your first creative project of the season looks so lovely. Really.... only 7 weeks to go until Christmas? Where has 2015 gone? I have so many seasonal creative projects on my To-Do list and so little time. Enjoy your Christmas fun!
    Anna x


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