Friday, November 20, 2015

Afton's Pink Christmas

Our daughter is 9 and three-quarters.  And she'll remind you if you forget the fraction. 
But she'll also fully admit that she is not too old for girly Christmas décor - glittery, sparkly and pink!

We bought this pink Christmas tree at Walmart a few years back and she is still filled with glee whenever it is time to pull it out of the box. It'll be a few weeks until our big green tree is out, so she and I enjoyed an hour together decorating this rose-coloured one for the upcoming festive season (cause truthfully, I love pink and glittery just as much as she does!!)
First we lit it up with three strings of white bulbs.  Then on went four different "necklaces."
Is does look like jewellery, doesn't it?

I've tried to pick up a new package of ornaments for her each year. This year we've added in the pale blue pine cones. 

It is pretty lovely when it's all lit and strung.  I can see why she adores it!

Most of all, she is full of bliss because now she has the most beautiful nightlight to fall asleep beside.

Today while she was at school, I re-hung the rosy wreath I had made for her a few years back.  It features several crocheted roses with pearl centres and a glittery snowflake.

It goes perfectly with her favourite "sparkly" Christmas theme!

(I found this  the other day and thought it was perfect for my little lady!)
How is your decorating going? 
Have you begun?
Is there any pink in your colour scheme?


  1. Alas, there is no pink in my décor I go for a more traditional look. My ornaments are added to yearly and I have enough to dress at least 6 trees but I display them in glass dishes with lights instead. A beautiful tree, perfect for a beautiful young lady.

  2. I don't decorate for Christmas until much much later, partly because I am lazy, partly because I like it the way it is. Afton's tree is fab, all girly and lovely. The wreath is beautiful, too. Oh to be 9 and three quarters again! We have a pink kitchen if that counts? Otherwise, I don't really do girly.
    I forgot to comment on your fabulous outfit post! I really loved to see it. x

  3. As long as she loves it, no girl is ever too old for pink and girly!! Fabulous tree!! xx


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