Sunday, November 15, 2015

Spice of Life Crochet-Along - Bryn's Blanket

Way back at the beginning of October I was looking for a new project.  My oldest son, Bryn, requested that I make him a new blanket because he had grown too long for the afghan he had been using since he was a toddler.  And then, one day, right into my inbox, came an invitation to join a "Crochet Along" lead by Sandra from Cherry Heart.  Her crochet patterns have always intrigued me.  I've made her granny tree skirt and two versions of her painted roses blanket and always found her instructions and patterns fun, colourful and easy to follow.  This "crochet-along" was no exception. 
Here is her original blanket:

The blanket was called "Spice of Life" because of its variety of colours and stitches.  Many of these stitches I had done before, but I liked how they mixed so well together. 
Instead of buying a bunch of new yarn, Bryn and I dug through my selection of worsted weight yarn and selected these bright, "boyish" colours. 
Sandra released a new section of the pattern each Tuesday for 6 weeks.   Each section was about 20 rows long and featured basic stitches as well as  a few lines of something "new."
Part One completed!
And Part Two!!
Gradually the blanket grew longer, covering just my lap at first.
As days past (I crocheted faithfully almost every night!) it covered me down to my toes!
I am happy to say that I loved every minute of creating this project. I was using up leftovers, each new stitch I learned added to my crocheting repertoire  and the colours and textures seem to appear like magic!

Okay. I need to be honest.  There  was one part of this colourful blanket I absolutely hated - and it was sewing in all of the ends!!

Because I had to switch yarn colour almost every row, the ends were plentiful.  I spent almost two evenings sewing them all in before I began the border. 
My favourite row in the pattern was this "tulip" row.  Do you see it?  Red flowers and green leaves.
I kept the border simple too.  Bryn wanted things to be "boyish" and I  figured these simple double-crochets finished it off just perfectly! 

And does Bryn feel about the finished product?  He says he LOVES it but he wishes he could use it more.
My youngest son is a blanket fiend and is always wrapped in something knit or crocheted.  It's true. Bryn hardly ever gets a chance to wrap himself in his new afghan because Camden finds it first each evening!!
I do really like this photo of the boys snuggling under it "sort of together." Bryn is kept warm by Camden who in turn is made cosy by the blanket.  Bryn is enjoying the blanket by proxy, I guess. 
No more big projects for me for awhile.  I've got a few Christmas crafts on the go that I'll share her over the next few weeks. 
Thanks to everyone who comes and visits me here in my little part of blogland.   I love it when you leave comments, too.
Wishing you all a wonderful week!


  1. Its beautiful, love the stunning choice of colours. The photo made me smile, sharing of sorts....

  2. Fabulous blanket!!! I can see that it is going to be well used by all the family and much loved too!! xx

  3. Your blanket is really stunning, Bronwyn. I can tell that everyone in your house loves it.

  4. Wow, this is incredible. Poor Bryn though, he looks so fed up in that last photo bless him. That is true brotherly love right there. Love Gem x x x


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