Friday, November 13, 2015

Five On Friday - 5 Photos From My Phone

Woot! Woot It is Friday!!  And as some would call it, "Fri-YAY!"
We are heading my mother's house tonight in order to spend some time with her.  We haven't seen her in several weeks as she has been travelling in Peru. She is managing to fit us in before she heads off again, this time to Hawaii! I am looking forward to some quiet time on her sofa with my knitting and my Christmas magazines. She'll likely be doing the same when she isn't having a roaring game of UNO with the kids! 
But before the weekend arrives, I must fit in my Friday post which is linked up with Amy's (Love Made My Home) "Five on Friday" link party. 
As usual, these are five photos taken from my phone that illustrate the week that has been.
Number One: Tidying Up and Thinning Out
My life has been feeling rather "crowded" lately because there has been a lot on my plate between home and school. So -- I have been searching out simplicity wherever I can.
This past weekend I did a lot of tidying - dusting and reorganizing and putting away unnecessary items from many surfaces in my home.  I know they'll fill up again when I start to pull out the Christmas décor, but for now I am enjoying the breathing space in between my favourite things.

Number Two: Christmas in the Shops
Oh yes! I LOVE this time of year.  I can literally spend hours looking at shop displays and windows and really not buy anything.  On the weekend I made a quick trip across the border to the US and visited Target. I spent a total of $23.00.  There was lots of wonderful stuff but I didn't need to buy it.  I just wanted to look at it. 

Number Three: Shorter Days, Longer Nights
This was taken on a doggie walk in our neighbourhood.  It was crisp and cool and the sunset was lovely, peeking over the tops of the houses.  The funny was - it was 4:30!!
How much earlier the evening arrives these days.....

Number Four: Changing it Up for Winter
Yes. The white slipcovers had to go.  With this wet autumn weather we've been having I was needing to wash the slipcovers constantly because they were covered in big brown paw-marks.  So off to Ikea we went where we bought some bright red covers for our couch and loveseat.  Do the paw prints show up as badly?  Nope.  But it is much easier to notice the light brown hair on everything!

Number Five: Festive Crafting
I showed you my most recent holiday craft completion in my last post.  I've moved on now from embroidery to felt applique.  I've never done anything like this and I am loving every minute. It takes tons of pins to hold each piece in place as I stitch, but the picture that is emerging makes it all worth it!


  1. I love your toadstools! I have some new toadstool clogs I posted today. Your pup is darling and the lovely crochet beneath him is great! Yay for red! Happy Friday!

  2. A great five. Love the new red covers and the gorgeous pup. Hope you have a wonderful time catching up with your Mum.

  3. I love that you love to just look! I am like that too. I can look at loads of things and buy nothing, or just one thing, but I like to see what is there!! So good to know that I am not the only one like that. Thank you for joining Five On Friday. I hope that you have a great weekend spending time with your Mom and hearing about her fabulous travels! xx

  4. Everything is looking so bright and cheerful! Your little cupboard is great. Great to hear your news. :-)

  5. Hi - Your dog looks so thoughtful sitting on the sofa. What a lovely photo of the sunset. We haven't seen any sun here in Cumbria UK for weeks. It has rained every day. Joan at

  6. What a lovely house...and great organizing! The pink granny square afghan is great! I adore those different colored bowls/ramikins on the shelf too!

  7. Great pictures! Love the shelf with all the cute dishes and such! Your pup looks so sweet! I love to window shop too and Target is a great place to do it! Can't wait to see your Christmas crafts. The hoop was gorgeous!!! Happy weekend and enjoy spending time with your mom.

  8. Great 5 but I especially love the felt appliqué can't wait to see the finished item

  9. I love your five Bronwyn. Your shelf and the vibrant colours of the contents are just beautiful. Have a wonderful Sunday xx

  10. So fun Bronwyn!! I love that I can feel the excitement for the upcoming holidays through each one you shared! I've been listening to Christmas music & working on projects too. Yay!! Love your appliqué especially. Blessings. Xo


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