Thursday, December 3, 2015

Five On Friday: 5 Photos From My Phone

 Hurray! December is here - a month I look forward to all year long!
I'll admit that Christmas has been showing its face around here for a few weeks, but now I can get away with celebrating it whole hog without getting any sour looks from anyone else!

This week's Five on Friday are once again pictures from my phone that encapsulate the week that has been.

Number One: Cute Little Cakes
I saw these darling little cuppy-cakes while grabbing some milk at the local grocery store.  I had actually bought three, one for each of my children, but I managed to drop and smash one on the way to the table.  It was no longer cute enough for the picture, but my youngest son still enjoyed eating it!!

Number Two:  Family Selfie
While Daddy pumped the car full of gas, we took silly selfies just for fun!

Number Three: First Snow
While I was home all by myself last Sunday afternoon (the kids and my hubby were at the movie theatre), the snow began cascading from the sky. It fell heavily for nearly an hour and  settled prettily on the ground.  However, within another couple of hours, it had melted in the later afternoon sun.  

Number Four: Decorating the Tree
My whole life the Christmas tree has gone up immediately following the 28th of November.  This was my father's birthday and we wanted to ensure that his big day never got eclipsed by the the Tree.  When our oldest son Bryn was born on November 29th, the day shifted slightly by one day.  It worked out perfectly that this past weekend held the 28th and 29th of November and we remembered my father on one day and  celebrated Bryn's 11th the next.  And then HE was the one that asked to put up the tree.  "Make it part of the fun, Mommy!"
And we did.  

Number Five:  Cricket the Elf
As always, Cricket, our "Elf on a Shelf" showed up once again on December 1st.  Usually he plans a big breakfast for the kids but this year it just wasn't meant to be. The kids still seemed equally gleeful to see him though, and he is already stirring up antics in our home!!

I'm looking forward to checking out a few blog posts from all of the other bloggers that join into Amy's "Five on Friday" link-up party.
If you would like to see, too, you'll find your way HERE.

So many plans for this coming weekend- more birthday celebrations, a evening Christmas fair and brunch with some dear old friends.  Lots of picutres to share with you all soon, I am sure!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



  1. Looks like a delightful week! Hope your weekend is too!

  2. Great photos capturing an exciting week. i really do love that one of Afton decorating the tree :)
    Love Gem x x x

  3. We don't have Elf on a shelf herein the Uk but I have a sneaky suspicion that it will come this way soon, love looking at the elf's antics across the pond.

  4. Sounds like you have had a great week. Your tree looks stunning. We had a little snow a couple of weeks ago that went as quick as it came. Cupcakes look scrumptious...

  5. Such lovely moments from your week! The cakes look delicious, and I love the heart in the snow! Your tree is very pretty isn't it!! Thank you for joining Five On Friday. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  6. Fun! I like your tradition of waiting to put up the tree until the special birthdays are properly celebrated. I like the way you honor your dad.
    Have fun with that silly elf!

  7. It's such a fun time, especially with the children. Your elf looks like he'll be up to all sorts of mischief! :-)

  8. I normally have my tree up by the weekend after Thanksgiving, but I'm a little slow this year. No snow here.

  9. Aww this was such a warm and cozy five & I so enjoyed all the delightful things you shared!
    Happy weekend!

  10. What a lovely, happy, Christmassy post! Your Christmas tree is really beautiful.
    Your header images are wonderful as well. I like especially the one on the right - it makes me think of Italy. :)
    Have a happy Sunday and a lovely new week!

  11. You've had a busy week, just like me.

  12. Your enthusiasm about Christmas is infectious, I am starting to feel quite exited. We've not had any snow yet, just a few flakes. Have a wonderful week. x

  13. It was so heart warming to read your post. You have a lovely family and traditions. I love the elf on the shelf; my little grandson had one and every day he appears in a different place . My best to you, Pat

  14. Love all these fun cozy Xmas thoughts & your tree is so pretty Bronwyn. Bet the kiddos are loving that elf! ;) Have a wonderful week ahead. Xo

  15. Lovely festive and joyful photos. I love the tree and the family connections to make decorating it special:)


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