Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What I Wore Wednesday

Variety is the spice of life, isn't that what they say?
I read a ton of different blogs each day, all of them falling into their own category - lifestyle, travel, baking, crafting, teaching and decorating.
I also enjoy read a handful of good "fashion" blogs.  Not high-fashion ones, but rather ones with real looking women who have "real" fashion budgets. 
I have always enjoyed Lindsey's "What I Wore Wednesday" link-up parties that she hosts every week over at The Pleated Poppy.
Here I see a large number of women of all shapes and sizes share photos of themselves dressed their best - whether it be for their role as stay-at-home moms, or as working career women. 
As someone who has always had an interest in dressing well and looking good, I thought I'd join in this week.  As someone who doesn't like getting her picture taken, this has been quite a journey already!
I got to know how to use my self-timer on my camera and spent a few minutes each day capturing my outfit of the day, my figure and my smile. 
Yikes.  This turned out to be quite scary, but already I feel better with photos of myself and I am pleased with the outfits I put together. 
So... now onto the  clothes:
Day One:  Leopard and Red Rose

Day Two:  Denim Shirt and Pattern Mixing

Day Three  Silvery Sweater and Trendy Plaid
Day Four:    Girly Plaid and a Puffy Vest

Day Five: Red, Ruffly and Military Inspired

Day Six:   Merlot Roses, Navy and Pearls

Whew.  I can't believe I just did that. 
 There I am in all my curvy glory.
And I am learning to be okay with that. 
Will I do it all again this coming week...I am certainly going to try!
Thanks for joining me on my temporary sojourn into fashion modeling.  I hope it was easier for you than it was for me!!


  1. A very impressive wardrobe and a gorgeous smile.

  2. You looked lovely every single day, Bronwyn. You have a really good sense of style. I especially love your rose pattern blouse and your red jacket.

  3. Some great looks! I also love those fashion blogs where people share their daily outfits, though more for reasons of nosiness ;-) I especially love the first dress, it's so elegant!

  4. Lovely to see your different outfits, you look very pretty in them all!! xx

  5. Twit twoo, check you out Mrs :) I love the photos, you honestly look great, you have nothing to hide away, you look gorgeous and I love your outfit choices, especially that scarf and the military jacket.
    Love Gem x x x

  6. Found your blog via The Pleated Poppy . . you look amazing in every photo. I have been a homemaker for 15 years and am returning to part time work shortly so I've been seeking out fashion photos so I can start to build a working wardrobe again. Your style is great and I have a short hair cut also and love seeing someone rocking the short hair!

  7. Oh...I love all these outfits too! Just so cute! Do you remember where you got the adorable black and white striped skirt? I am in LOVE with it!! I am off to search the web for one. LOL!


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