Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Autumn 2015 : On My Shopping List....

How about a little something different from me today?
There are so many fashion blogs outs there - ones that feature high fashion, ones that show only vintage clothing and ones that encapsulate how "real people" dress during their day to day lives. 
I wouldn't say I am a "clothes horse," but I do really like shopping for clothing that speaks to me and helps express who I am.
In my life I need to dress practically for my job as a mother of three and for my job as a kindergarten teacher.  So clothes need to washable and easy to move in, but they also need to be professionally "smart" and modest. 
When I choose my clothes I like bright colours and patterns. I also like a practical, well-fitting pant.  Throw in a few fun items and some quirky accessories and there you have it - my style. 
This year I am trying to keep all of my shopping a little bit more streamlined.  Less of buying what's cheap and more buying of things that I really love and things that work well with what I already own.
Want to see what I've bought already?
And how about few things that are soon to join my closet? 
Here we go....
Love these 2 sweaters.  (Rickis) I've bought them bought already.  Now all I need is some cooler weather to wear them in!
Don't you just love these prints?  I look forward to wearing these with solid coloured sweaters and my tall black boots during the winter . (Cleo

Both of these skirts are from  Rickis too.  The black one is for practical purposes - it goes with everything!

This red shirt (Rickis) will go wonderfully with my plaid skirt (above).  I already bought this red military-style jacket (Cleo).  I wore it today and had a ton of compliments!
How about some more pattern?  This striped duster (Reitmans) will top off my leggings this season.  And this leopard print tunic (Rickis) was my outfit of choice at our family Thanksgiving celebrations this past weekend. 

And have  you seen the Talbots' catalogue this year?
Look at these colours! I love the Irish Knit sweater on the left and the fair isle one on the right!

And if my funds were unending, I would buy this wool blend plaid blazer in every colour.  Doesn't it look cosy and perfect for a day in the country?

And just because everyone should have a sweater with a hedgehog on it.....
Do you plan what you are going to buy before your shopping trips?  How much do you buy online?   
What season do you like shopping for?
I'm looking forward to a few more of these things going on sale very soon.  I'll keep you updated on whether that hedgie ends up in my closet......or not...   :)


  1. My favourite season is Winter, I love jumpers and cardigans. I have more of them than anything else. I have never bought anything on line, I am always worried about the quality. Love your style, the hedgehog jumper is a delight. Take care.

  2. You have chosen some really great things! I love the hedgie jumper and the doggie one too, they will be perfect for a teacher! You have great style, something that I wish I had! xx

  3. I really want a hedgehog jumper! I loved seeing what you bought, I'm always on the lookout for new inspiration :) I am a really awkward shape so struggle with online shopping, but I like to have a look at stuff online before I go to get an idea :) x

  4. I like all of the clothes you've bought so far. I completely agree with you about buying better things that will last. That's a lesson I'm trying to learn myself, and I find it a bit painful at times. I'm sure you will look lovely both at home and at work. Hope you're having a good week.

  5. Great choices! I especially love the sweaters- I live in the north of England where sweaters are kind of a requirement about 10 months of the year ;)

  6. I especially adore the bulldog and hedgehog sweaters which I think says something about me! Love your fall choices.


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