Tuesday, October 27, 2015

So Many Projects, So Little Time!

Autumn is the perfect time for making, crafting and creating!  
As the evenings grow darker earlier, I have been getting in my dog walk right after supper,  homework time with the  kids then the evening is MINE!
What have I been making?  A variety of things as usual.  I like to several projects on the go so that I don't get tired of anything!

Project One:  Circle Quilt
One of the women I work with is due to have twin boys right after Christmas.  I've decided to make a quilt for one boy and a crocheted blanket for the other.  I am going to use the same colours for both so that there is a matching scheme between them.  
I started with two charm packs of fabric. I sewed four squares into a bigger square, pressed them carefully  and cut them into a circle. 
I'll start applying the circles to the cream backing fabric this weekend, I think.  

 Project Two:  Christmas Star Quilt
I've shown you this before.  I now have 13 of the 20 paper-pieced stars completed.  I bought some new festive fabric  this past weekend and I can't wait to cut out a few more stars.  Hopefully I'll be able to start sewing the stars onto the snowflake-printed background fabric soon!

Project Three:  Spice of Life Crochet-Along Blanket
I am almost done this one!  I'd say I am 3/4 of the way through the main part of the blanket and then I'll get started on the edging.  Oh yes.  And then I'll have to sew in the ends.  Yuck.  I guess is should have sew them in as I went along like I did at the beginning. No sense regretting it now.  Moving on.  

Project Four:  Home Sweet Home Embroidery
I just started this one on the weekend.  I LOVE it! The design, the colours, the stitching and the sentiment make me tremble with excitement! I traced the pattern onto the fabric "old-school" (using a window, tape and a pencil) and got stitching right away.  I am done all the embroidery already, and now need to apply some felt lettering and some holly leaves.  Tune in soon for the finished product!
Project Five:  Memories of Italy Cross Stitch - COMPLETE!!
I am so glad that I can post that I actually finished one of my many projects.  This cross-stitch captures many Italian sights that we viewed on our recent trip to Italy.  Do you see the Colosseum?  The Duomo in Florence?  The tower in St.Mark's Square?  A gondola? The Ponte Rialto? And the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Now to get this framed and hung along side my cross-stitch pictures of Paris and London.  

What  have you been working on?  Do you have a handful of projects on the go, too?  Have you started any festive-themed projects? Maybe a gift or two?
I'd love to hear what YOU'VE been up to! 
Enjoy the rest of your week. 
Hallowe'en is just 4 sleeps away!


  1. Your Italy picture is very pretty! A lovely memory of your travels there. All of your other projects are so pretty too, you certainly have a lot going on! The blanket and quilt for your colleague will be treasured I am sure!! xx

  2. These all look great. I've been pretty good recently and have finished a lot of my WIP's, still a couple lurking in cupboards and drawers somewhere I've just got to find them, they are pretty much done though, they won't take much to get them finished and any new craft I've taken on I've made sure are small enough to finish right away haha.
    Love Gem x x

  3. Love all your projects as usual! Your style is so pretty and colorful! I think you have mentioned it before, but where do you get the kits for the countries/cities? I would like to find one for Prague. I have googled but not found any like these. I need to start on a new project. Trying to figure out something to make my daughter for Christmas and take to her when I go visit her in Prague. Hope your week is going well!

  4. You've got some wonderful projects on the go, I think it keeps things fresh when you're working on a few things, it means you can take a rest with one and you come back to it with a renewed enthusiasm. I regretted sewing in the ends of my Spice of Life blanket, I wrote about it in my latest post. I've now got the whole lot to sew in once I get it finished, I'm not looking forward to that task.

  5. Well done on your finished cross-stitch...what a lovely way to remember and celebrate your travels! Your other projects are lovely as well. I posted about three of my ongoing winter projects for this link party post...but I have other projects hidden away and I am crocheting a little bag today for my oldest granddaughters birthday tomorrow :)

  6. You have so many projects on the go! They're all looking good. Love the colours in the spice of life blanket. I've been making Christmas things for a while now ... none of which I can share just yet which is driving me crazy. Enjoy your week!

  7. wow you are a very busy bee. I am totally impressed wish I could sew everyday. I am visiting fro thistlebear's link party , very happy to meet you.

  8. From one multi-crafter to another - I LOVE seeing your array of projects!! Super sweet, all of them and beautiful, neat stitching :-)

  9. Hi Bronwyn, you have a lot of really nice crafts going on right now. I love the look of your embroidery so far, it's really pretty.

  10. Bit of everything there all done really well Bronwyn. There is a great border tutorial that weaves in ends as you go on Little Woollie. Also I use a sewline glue pen when I am paper piecing to speed up the process, they are from Simply solids online. No tacking papers, just sewing for glory! Jo x


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