Saturday, October 31, 2015

Celebrating Hallowe'en (Sort Of)

Today is October 31st -  Hallowe'en.
This holiday is VERY BIG here in North America.  Apparently it is second only to Christmas in terms of decorating, consumerism and being people's "favourite holiday." 
Is it it my favourite?  No way.  In fact I've never really liked it, even as a child.  I can't get excited about skeletons and witches, or jack'o'lanterns and costumes.  My husband says it's because it's not "pretty enough."  Maybe.  I'm not really an orange girl, though I adore the colours of autumn in general. 
However, having kids has made me embrace the spooky season a bit more.  So the other night we headed out for a family walk to look at people's holiday decorations. I convince dthe flock that we needed to walk through the conservation area first to enjoy the leaves, then we'd hit the streets in search of jack'o'lanterns. 

Leaves -- check!
Now into the neighbourhood.
Alas, I  think we picked the wrong streets.
We found lots of gorgeous homes, primped up for autumn, but very few with any sign of Hallowe'en fun.
Secretly, I didn't mind!
Love this blue door and the stonework path and steps.

These stone lintels are luxuriously curvy.  And those geraniums are still going strong!

Number 105 has a front door with just the right number of curly-cues!
I'd love to have a seat on this rocker and watch the world go by!

Oh look! What is this I spy?  It's a jack'o'lantern snowman!!

I am glad we found SOMETHING spooky on our walk!
Have I done any Hallowe'en decorating around our home?  Of course.  I couldn't let the kids down!!
A wreath on our front door:

A witchy-pumpkin on the front steps:

Some spooks peeping out of the pot of mums:

And some spooky elements were added onto the mantel in the kitchen:
And yes - I even "dressed-up!"
Yesterday we had the opportunity to wear costumes at the school where I teach (and the kids' school too!)  My daughter and I both went as black cats.  ( See - I can get into the spirit!)

Although the kids won't be dressing up and going "trick-or-treating" tonight (we have very fun alternative plans this year!), we plan on filling our day with some skeleton cookie decorating and a few Halloween movies (Ghostbusters!).

What are your plans for Halloween?  I'd love to hear about them!

Wishing you the spookiest of days!



  1. I've never been much of a Halloween fan either. Your photos are pretty. Love the leaves and the lovely homes you shared. Your Halloween decor is cute. That's about what I used to decorate with when my kids were still young and at home. Now, I just put up a few things at school. All cute though....I don't do scary at all! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Sounds like a fun day you have planned!

  2. Some gorgeous shots Bronwyn of my favourite time of year. England are fairly young on the trick or treat idea, it used to be Penny for the Guy - children on street corners with a scarecrow type figure called Guy Fawkes. The idea was to get money and spend it on fireworks etc for November 5th, but this has now been overtaken with the Halloween craze and I LOVE IT! We decorate the outside of the house and over the years so have neighbours. We now have people dropping off their kids at the top of the road and picking them up after an hour once they have done the rounds. Touch wood, we have never had trouble, just cute little kids coming up in full costume - and now the parents too! Last night was very busy and we just about had some sweets left! Enjoy the rest of your weekend my lovely xx

  3. Lovely seasonal scenes, I love your Halloween front door wreath:)


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