Saturday, October 17, 2015

Italy 2015 : Dinner in the Tuscan Hills

One of the evenings out on our recent trip to Italy was a wonderful dinner in the Tuscan hills above Florence.
We drove nearly an hour out of the city, through farmland and vineyards, viewing homes and villas on nearly every picturesque hilltop.  The roads twisted this way and that and we were thankful for a confident driver!

Throughout the ride, we viewed every kind of tree imaginable including olive trees, almond trees, lemon trees and pine trees. 

And what was our final destination in the Tuscan hills?

We were greeted with a glass of bubbly, blue bubbly to be exact. It turned out to be a refreshing mix of Prosecco and Blue Curacao - the perfect thing to sip on a humid Italian evening. 

(Kevin is holding my drink so I could snap some pictures!)

This is one of only a handful of pictures of us together on our 10 day trip.  I really must get better at asking others to take  pictures of us!

The grounds of this restaurant were not extensive, but the setting was magical.  There was an old converted farmhouse used as the main indoor restaurant seating area and the kitchens, and surrounding it was a gorgeous garden filled with flowering trees, statues and benches for sitting and taking in the views.

Libero,  the owner, vintner and restaurant manager, greeted us  before we were seated for dinner.  He explained the history of the farm, the vineyard and the restaurant (which he runs with his 2 sons) and of course, where we could buy any of his wines in the area!

After our blue bubblies were gone, we moved into the outdoor dining area and found our seats under the awning. 
Of course, we poured ourselves a glass of crisp, white wine before heading over to the buffet where we could help ourselves to a huge spread of antipasto. 
Doesn't  this look amazing?   I'll admit I went back for two helpings!

Once my second antipasti plate was done, I allowed my tummy time to rest before we were served the "Secondi", or second course, of two kids of pasta.  My husband, who is a gluten-free eater, was pleased to see that he was going to receive a plate of GF noodles, too, instead of missing out on the course. 

While we ate (and drank!) we were entertained by a guitarist and a singer who performed traditional Italian songs, opera arias and well-known pop-songs from the mid-century.  They were quite funny and very talented!

 As the evening continued we enjoyed pork, chicken and beef, fresh from the grill and a wonderful dessert of strawberries, cake and cream.  (No pictures of these - we ate them too fast!)

And of course, the wine kept flowing.  No one had to drive back, and our trip was coming to  an end.  What better reason to celebrate a little more "energetically" on this beautiful night in the Tuscan Hills. 

Such wonderful memories.  My husband lists this evening as his favourite experience of our whole 10 day trip.  I think I may agree with him.  Great food, great drink and a wonderful location.  What else could you want?




  1. I am so surprised that the photos towards the end were in focus! All that wine... and blue curacao - I used to drink this in the 90's and seemed to have a permanent blue tongue! The scenery is spectacular and what a beautiful setting to have such a memorable evening. Thanks for sharing this xx

  2. Sounds and looks idyllic. I have visited Italy many times and love the food my mouth was watering looking at the buffet, where to start there was so much choice. Great photos.

  3. What a beautiful setting, definitely worth the drive when you end up with that view. It sounds like a wonderful evening and the food looks scrumptious. It's many years since I've had blue curacao.

  4. Bronwyn that is such a lovely photo, one oooooh blue bubbles I have never tried this before it sounds tasty. I just love Italy and would have been in my element here it looks so incredible, I just love dining Al Fresco it just feels wonderful to dine under the stars doesn't it? x

  5. Ohhhhh I now am dreaming of Tuscany. I was there earlier this year and I really hope to come back soon. This place sounds delicious. How cool the Prosecco and Blue CuraƧao drink!!

    Thank you for linking up with #MondayEscapes


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