Sunday, October 4, 2015

An Apple Each Day....

With autumn arriving full-force this past week, of course it was time to hit the apple orchards and do some picking!
There are a vast number of orchards around our town, some are huge and have literally thousands of visitors each weekend, and others are small and family-run and you can basically have the place to yourself on a cool, October day 

When it was all said and done we chose Wheelbarrow Orchards for their selection of apple-types and the cute little food shop right in the premises.
 To begin, we entered the shop and purchased a "picking bag." They had 2 sizes available. Buy it (mine cost $18) and fill it with apples.  The farmer told me it would likely hold 30 apples.  I was sure we could fit in a few more than that!

Out into the orchard we went. We were very thankful that we had worn hats and gloves.  It was pretty cold out there in the exposed rural area. 
Look how heavily-laden the trees are.  Amazing! Nature at its best.

I think it took all of 38 seconds before Camden had bitten into a apple.  He chose a crunchy, green Mutsu. With a wiggly front tooth, he found it a bit of a challenge, but by the end of our picking time, he had eaten it to its core!

Afton prefers her apples red  and small.   Hers was gone in about 15 bites!

The kids wanted to buy our Hallowe'en pumpkins today, but I wasn't quite ready for that.  We've still got 3 weeks before that spooky event arrives and I figured we could save a pumpkin-patch outing for another weekend. 

After one last walk through the trees, we climbed back into the car for the short ride back to our home.  All agreed it had been a pleasant afternoon spent within the orchard.  It was cool, but it truly felt like autumn. 

And how may apples  did we manage to get into that "picking bag?"  Way more than 30!! We counted once we returned home and we had 38!!
Kevin and I also grabbed a big bottle of cider.  We love it mixed with caramel or maple vodka this time of year. it too early for another one right now??
I hope you and your family are finding a few Fall adventures as yummy as ours. 
Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. Maple vodka sounds good! I did a farm shop visit yesterday and they had huge pumpkins, but I thought it was a bit early to buy one. A couple of weeks yet. Apples, though. It's definitely apple time! We don't have 'pick your own' orchards round here, however. I have to buy them from the shops.

  2. I have been blessed with apples from my neighbours tree this year so I have lots in the freezer ready for pies/crumbles. Sounds like a great family outing.

  3. Love all your fabulous fall photos - felt like I was right there with you and your children picking the apples!! Hugs, Ann

  4. I'd love to visit an apple orchard one day. There aren't any near us unfortunately. It looks chilly over where you are. Have a lovely week. x

  5. A lovely way to spend an autumn day! Lots of great apple yumminess to come your way very soon! xx

  6. Sounds a great place, lovely photos. We went apple picking for the first time with our 3 year old about a week ago and he loved it! #mondayescapes x

  7. How beautiful are those pictures Bronwyn! With the mood of the season! I love autumn so much, it offers many delights to enjoy! Love that photo of your daughter surrounded by those gorgeous pumpkins!
    Happy day!

  8. Oh yes, it would be rude not to grab some cider! I love going fruit picking, it's such a fun thing to do with the whole family. We tend to do more berry picking rather that orchards - but I love the colours in your photos. Gosh it makes everything seem so much colder and autumnal. Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes Ps. Please remember to add our badge next time :)

  9. This all looks so lovely...exactly as autumn should be! :) xxx


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