Sunday, December 2, 2012

Easy Christmas Corn

Happy December!!  Let the festive season begin  !!

We had a busy weekend around here - including Christmas recital practise and the boys' birthday party.We did manage to fit in some "down time" including Creationary and a Grinch puzzle. 
Camden and Afton worked well together and slowly the mean green guy appeared.... 

I have an easy recipe for you today. Recently I whipped some up for a craft party I held for some of my girlfriends.  

I bought 2 bags of popcorn - one bag of "caramel" and one bag of "sweet and salty," sometimes called "kettle corn."

I mixed both flavours over the surface of a cookie sheet.  
For an extra crunch, I also sprinkled on 1 cup of cashews - but any nut would do.

Next I melted about 1/2 cup of green chocolate candy wafers in the microwave and used a fork to drizzle (ooh I love that word!) the green goo over the spread popcorn.  

The stirring spoon was then surrendered to my littlest elf, Camden.  

I repeated the process with 1/2 cup of red meltable wafers.  

Within an hour, the chocolate had cooled and hardened and I could dump my simple Christmas corn into a sealed container until it was time to serve.  

My kids were so upset that I was saving it to serve to the "grown-ups" instead of them.  
So the next day, I made another batch - sweet and simple. 
And it was gone immediately, too!!


  1. You're such a fun Mom, Bronwyn! Have you tried the new PC Chicago Mix popcorn? Just the right mix of sweet and salty :)

  2. The popcorn looks so good! I'll eat anything with chocolate on it. ;) Thanks for linking up to tip-toe thru tuesday.

  3. yum! I have been making caramel popcorn today and yesterday - I think it is coming out of my ears by now! :) so fun to sprinkle it with red and green chocolate!


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