Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our Own Choir of Angels

Cathy, one of the women who teaches at the same school as I, is part of a charity that helps run an orphanage and school in Kenya.  She was sending out her thank-you cards to her many donors and wanted to enclose an angel tree ornament in each card.  She had purchased some, but needed several more.  Knowing I was "crafty," she called and asked if I could put together a few angels that were flat and small and  light enough to travel in the  mail.  Of course I agreed to help and within minutes I had an idea about how I was going to make them.  

Flat and light?? I figured paper was the best material to use.  

Now-  I needed to make several of these angels.  How can I cut them quickly and easily??
Paper punches!!

I made a few prototypes out of plain white cardstock. Once I was  happy with the construction, my daughter and I headed to Michaels to buy some pretty, sparkly paper that would be perfect for angels!

Here is the "how-to:"

Materials Needed:
3 hearts (for wings and skirt)
Small white circle for body
Small flesh-toned circle  for head
Half of a scalloped circle for collar
Silver or gold lacing for halo
Ink for edging the paper shapes
Chalks/inks/ pastels to add rosy cheeks
Black pen for eyes
Glue gun

To Assemble:

1. Edge hearts and collar with ink.
2. Glue skirt to body.
3.  Glue wings to body on top of skirt.
4.  Glue on collar.

5. Add "rosiness" to the cheek area of the head.  Draw on eyes.
6.  Glue a small piece of lacing on for halo.  I glued in at the back and on her "forehead" to hold it in place.  

Now isn't she sweet?

And look at her with all of her friends!!
Each one turned out slightly different because I varied the cardstock I used.  Some pieces were cut from glittery white cardstock, some from shimmery white or  shimmery grey and some from paper printed with a faint paisley design.  

A few of these heavenly  ladies landed on the Christmas tree and another joined the glittery baubles in the living room.  

And several more became a garland that hangs across the kids' well-used chalkboard. 

Don't worry- my friend Cathy received her half-dozen angels, too.  And she loved them! 

I'll be back soon,



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    Please help spread the word!

  2. Your angels are so sweet! Thank you for the tutorial!


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