Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas in the Living Room

I have been enjoying a gradual completion of the holiday decor in our home.  I add a little bit every time I feel I energized or excited to do it.  And with 2 weeks left before Christmas, I am sure I have completed the decor in our cozy little living room.

The finishing touch was the addition of a huge new Christmas tree right in the front window (thanks Mom!).  The children helped me decorate the tree in the nearby famly room, but this living room one is ALL MINE!

I began with 500 white lights and then looped several metres of grapevine coil around the branches.  I love this natural element.

Then onto the pretty lit branches I added several strings of sparkly beads, then ornaments in pale shades of pink, green and aqua.

Light and airy ( & huge for the little space!) but I LOVE it!

And what's in the rest of the room?
Aqua baubles and my pastel fireplace mantel.

And this little dude. 
He's not decor, but he's equally beautiful. 
And now he's 8!!
Where did my first-born baby go?
He's here to "keep me company" --those were his words, while I decorated the tree.
What a darling little boy!

It's all come together in here.  
I am sure we will enjoy it countless times in the next few weeks.

13 days til Christmas!!




  1. Gorgeous! So pretty! I've got an 8 year old where did my baby go too! Have a great day :)

  2. WOW so beautiful.. all of it.

  3. Pink is me!! What you did is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Never would of thought to use pink for Christmas!! Love what you did with the mail box!!!! You have such wonderful ideas!! Merry Christmas to you and you hubby and adorable little ones!!!! S.T


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