Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Filling Your Decorative Jars for Christmas

Little by little our home is turning into a festive spot.  In the past I have gone gung-ho into decorating in hopes to get it done in a day or two. 

 Not this year.  This year I am taking my time. 

 I am trying to enjoy the creative process - making  and buying a few new things along the way and trying  to get my family involved as much as possible.  

The other evening I had 2 little helpers - my younger two children - who aided in filling several vases and jars with Christmas-y things.  

Here are some of our favourite ways to "fill a jar."

These bows were in  a bagful I nabbed at Hobby Lobby for $2.

Free cones from the neighbourhood (my littlest boy and I had a GREAT time collecting them!) and some inexpensive  tree ornaments.  I love the mix of shiny and earthy.

You gotta love a functional jar filler! I go through what seems like hundreds of tealights this time of year and I am glad to have them stored close at hand.  

Candy is "functional" too, right?  Yep.  Probably TOO functional.  That's why I glue-gunned this jar shut ( much to hubby's chagrin!)

Candy canes - $1.00 a box anywhere.  Cute and stripey!
And the commercial "jar filler" balls - they were 80% off in January last year at Michaels.  I bought 6 bags!!

My jars are all part of vignettes that I am  tweaking just a bit and I'll be able to share in the next week.

But for now - I am going to enjoy a cup of Twinings Christmas tea and do a little bit more of this:

Have a wonderful evening!!

Hugs and warmth to all, 



  1. What a cute idea. Some of these I would never think of storing in jars. I use a ton of tealights during this time of year as well. Thanks for the ideas.

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  3. Great ideas. I love the one with the tea lights-what a great idea. ALso love the candy canes.

  4. Thanks for linking up last week, we love your jars they are beautiful! Happy Holidays.

  5. what cute filler ideas! love them all!

    thanks for linking up to A Homemade Christmas linky party!


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