Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pastel Patchwork Table Runner

Happy October!! The beginning of another month.  September seemed to fly by, didn't it?  I think it will Christmas before we know it!!

Look what we bought this weekend:

Oh yeah.  I've been wanting one of these  for a couple of years now and this baby is OURS!!  It will sleep our family of 5 perfectly and be an excellent home away from home whenever we want to travel the countryside.  She is clean and well-maintained - the only changes I will make will be cosmetic.  So, next spring I'll have plenty of sewing and re-upholstering to do - but I am already looking forward to it!

Now onto a project I have already  done this fall...

I am not an expert quilter/patchworker.  I like to mix fabrics and try new patterns- so when I find something pretty or inspirational (I love you Pinterest!) I give it a go. I may not do it the conventional way, but quite often I like how it turns out.

I had been admiring some Tumbler Block quilts online and thought I'd give one a try.  I used 2 charmpacks of Butterscotch and Roses fabric and cut my 5" squares into the odd shape you see below.  

As you sew the pieces together you make straight rows that are sewn together to make the decorative "top" of your creation.
I used a thin batting and cream fabric for the underside.  Then I  machine "stitched in the ditch" to quilt the layers together.

I really like how the subtle colours go together.  

They go perfectly with the mellow colours in my living/dining room.

In fact, this year, I am not using any intense autumn colours in my fall decor. Instead I am using a mix of these pale blues, peaches, greens and pinks to create my vignettes throughout the room.
(I'll show you my dining table vignette later this week....)

Hubby said he liked the picture below the best.  My intention was to shoot a photo of the whole table runner and then crop out any extras (like my feet). But, as you can see, I decided to leave them in.   :)

My faux gourds are from Michaels.  They are 40% off this week.
And the hydrangeas? Dried - from my mother's garden.  I love the subtle green shade they have turned as they dried.....

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  1. Very pretty! Love the soft colors. Congrats on the camper!!! I can't wait to see how you spruce it up.

  2. congrats on your new trailer. I'm sure there will be many happy times for your family with it.

  3. What fun to buy a trailer. I would be dreaming away too, if I were you. I love your runner (and agree with your hubby that that was a great photo of it - and your toes).

  4. It looks fantastic! Congrats on your new trailer. Megan

  5. Oh! I was sooooo excited when I saw your new caravan!!! We have one that I have thought about re-vamping for a while (but I knew the Hubs would give me THAT look!) Fortunately (for me) there is a little damp creeeping I suggested a coat of fresh white paint with damp sealant in it!!! He fell for it...her-hum...I mean agreed that that suggestion would be a top idea ;)

    Love you quilt....just making the top for one myself (as a bit of a practice before I do it properly with my Seaside fabric from October Afternoon (Riley Blake) with calico (like sails) all over pinwheels and a border of 'bunting' (holiday theme?!)

    Thanks for popping over to see me <3 .... I hope your followers deserve it xx ...I'd just like to be further into double figures!!! Hahaha!

    Love, Nora xx

  6. I love your table runner!!! The pattern is lovely well done. I'm such a huge patchwork and quilting fan right now. I have just started a new quilt with a layer cake of Butterscotch and Rose, it's such beautiful fabric.
    Thank you so much for your kind words on my recent post. Have a great weekend!
    Louise xx

  7. What a gorgeous piece and such pretty colours. I'm not an expert either but it sure feels good accomplishing something lovely for our homes.


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