Sunday, September 23, 2012

Style on the Bookshelf

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  
Saturday was busy here - Mom, my daughter and I took a trip across the border to the US to visit Target.  Spent way too much money there. 
 But the real treat was my first visit to a Hobby Lobby. 
 That store  is heaven on earth for crafter/decorator like me.  I picked up a few fall and Hallowe'en items, but I can't wait to head back in a month or so and spend some big bucks on Christmas crafting and decorating.  

Now onto my bookshelves.......

My hubby and spent most of the summer finishing a big TV/playroom/office space in our basement.  We did all of the work ourselves  and we are so pleased with how it turned out. No full reveal yet - the dropped ceiling needs to go in still.  Hopefully we'll get that done in the next month or so. 
In the meantime, I have been keeping busy finishing smaller projects in this room.  
We moved the furniture back into the room in August, but I haven't had a chance to organize or decorate  yet.  
So, this what the big wooden bookcase has looked like for the last few weeks:

All of the decor accessories I was thinking of using in this room have been collecting (and collecting dust!) on the shelves in this messy, hap-hazard way.  
So this weekend, while the kids were happily watching the original "Muppet Movie" on the couch nearby, I set to work making these open shelves something pretty at which to look. 

Our basement room is decorated in  the neutral colours of black, tan and white with a few strong shots of red.  
So, to keep a cohesive look, all of the accessories I chose go with this colour theme.

I like how the white items on the shelves lighten and brighten the vignette.  This porcelain rose-covered finial has been all over my house - it adds so much pretty texture to any of my displays.  

I found 6 of these red tea light holders at a thrift store back in the summer. I originally thought of them as Christmas decor, but now I see they add a nice pop of red here.  

(Do you like the photo?  It was our Christmas card picture last year.  The kids had such fun wrapping themselves in garland for the photo shoot!)

This plate was a discount store find many years ago.  In fact, it hung in our first living room 10 years ago!

These finials were thrift store finds too.  However, when I picked them up they were a garish gold colour.  Now they wear "Cherry Red" spray paint and fit in much better with my home.

This photo is from that same pre-Christmas photo shoot.  Hubby noticed right away  that I used these photos because they matched my colour theme perfectly. 
Yep.  He's right - but I love them regardless of colour!

Did you notice my doggies?  They look like Staffordshire pooches, but alas, they are not.  They look equally as cute and regal, but cost me much, much less at the Goodwill Store!

And my red dragon.  I bought him at Cardiff Castle this summer while hubby and I were touring the UK.   The red dragon is the national symbol of Wales and appears on their flag.  I have no Welsh background but my first name, Bronwyn, is Welsh.  I have always felt a connection to this part of the world and I thought this  metal sculpture was the perfect souvenir of our  travels.  

Slowly our basement space is becoming cozier and prettier.  Adding these personal items has made it a more welcoming place.

Now if I could just get the kids to clean up their part of the  room after a day of play......


  1. Super cute! Nice pops of red too :)

  2. What lovely styling! So warm and pretty with the pops of red. :)

  3. Love your shelves Bronwyn! YOu did a fabulous job and I bet that the room feels so much better with those stylish changes. Love the pops of red too! Happy Fall! Angie xo


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