Thursday, September 20, 2012

Autumn on Our Brand New Fireplace

On the weekend, these boxes arrived addressed to ME!

Dear sweet hubby went to work right away putting all of the mocha-coloured hunks of wood together.  (I think he was as excited as me!)
And within a hour we had this:

A brand new electric fireplace complete with a expanse of mantel perfect for seasonal decor of every kind!!
The picture above shows how it was decorated for the first couple of days.  I placed on a few things to add some interest, but it was nothing special.

But yesterday, I cleared the whole thing off and........

...... got started on my first REAL mantelscape:

As you can see for the photo above, I began with a couple of shutters that I recently found in a local ReStore for $2.00 each.  What a steal! On top of that I layered two mirrors before adding all of my accessories.

For some height, I placed a metal can full of white silk flowers, sticks and rusted stars.  

I found this mercury glass owl at a discount decor store (Homesense) last week and I knew he would be perfect for my new mantel.  I like how he adds some sparkle to the layout.  

At the other end of the mantel, I added some neutral pumpkin action - a patchwork fabric pumpkin and some little white gourds.  

I love the metal leaves and wound-wire curli-cues on the plush pumpkin.

Using my Cricut, I cut four shapes out of neutral cardstock and layered together a string of cute little pennants to hang across my stacked mirrors.  

Over all I am very pleased with the finished look.  I like the layering I achieved and the mix of texture.  I was worried at first that my shorter mantel surround would leave a ton of blank extra space above. Adding the tall shutters filled this space perfectly!

The kids like what I've done so far on the mantel.  They say that this can serve as my "Thanksgiving" mantel. 

However, I'd better add some really spooky things for Hallowe'en, or in their words, "they'll be very sad!"

Don't worry A, B & C - the Hallowe'en mantel is already in the works!


  1. I love it!! It came out so good. I love the layered look. Always a favorite of mine, and yours looks so great! The little mercury glass owl is so cute, and I totally can't resist the tiny white pumpkins :) Great job, really like it! ~Bre

  2. Fabulous! I liked the temporary decor, but I LOVE the official autumn mantelscape. The layers and textures looks great together and the shutters add the perfect amount of height. I wish I could find a pair of those for our house. I have the same owl but in a gold colour and you'll probably find it on my mantel, too! It's so much fun to decorate a fireplace for the seasons. This will be such a cozy spot once the weather cools down officially.

    Where did you order it from? We have two wood-burning fireplaces in our house but due to "issues" the basement fireplace has been switched over to an electric model from Rona during our reno. We're not willing to take on the cost of fixing it to make it suitable for a zero clearance gas version.

  3. absolutely loverly!!!YOu've got such a flair Bronwyn, I love it (the owl is adorable, too!)

  4. i LOVE the height from those shutters, this mantlescape is gorgeous, and congrats on finally having one, lol. i use the top of my tv cabinet, which means with the tv in the middle, i can't layer anything. boo hiss, right?

  5. Absolutely gorgeous mantel Bronwyn! You did an amazing job! And I love the owl...just perfect! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Angie xo

  6. Great mantel, love the Fall banner made on your Cricut. Great colors with the white.

  7. How're gonna have so much fun putting your mantels together..I can already tell...;) Great job on your first one ! xo

  8. You must be thrilled. A fire place is such a great focal point. Yours is gorgeous. I love your fall decor. I layered my mantle decor this year, and will be posting pictures soon. Love that Canada t-shirt!!! I love in Nova Scotia!! :)

  9. What a great idea! I live in a rental and don't have a mantle, this would be such a great alternative for the holidays. I may have to make the case to the Mr this weekend!

    Pink Chai Style

  10. I've never had a mantel and I want one! What a great idea. Beautiful.

  11. So pretty! I love how you layered everything so nicely! Great job! I'd love for you to share this at Keep Calm and Link Up! Hosted by Becoming Martha, Wait Til Your Father Gets Home, and myself: Chase the Star!

    Can't wait to see you there!
    Barbara at Chase the Star :)

  12. I love this, it looks great. You have achieved so much with this mantel, I'm feeling rather jealous right now :) x x x x

  13. Very cute! Thank you for joining HSH!

  14. I love how you have layered everything... it looks so pretty! The colors are beautiful.

  15. I like the layers of the shutters and mirrors as your backdrop. The white pumpkins make a beautiful statement against the dark mantel. It all came together nicely, agree with the kids!

  16. GAH...I need to score some of those shutters!! lovin' your new fireplace, mantle and how you've decorated it for fall, all the creams are so fab together and your little owl is hoot! :)

    stopping by from 52 mantles

  17. Everything looks so pretty. Do you like your new fireplace? We are thinking about getting one for our bedroom because it gets so cold in there. Love that big white pumpkin. :)

  18. It looks like you had a wonderful fun time decorating your mantel! I agree that it can serve as your “Thanksgiving mantel” but what does the owl have to do in there? I can only imagine what you did with your Halloween mantel! I bet it looked scary -- in a good way!


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