Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Vintage Mix for the Tabletop

My dining table is well-used.  I wish it was because we host many a dinner party, but no. Most of our parties happen in the kitchen where the kids attending it  can spill on the floor and the parents can stay close by.  

Instead, our table is always covered in tons of stuff.  Your table might  be the same.  My hubby often has his "office" set up on it - laptop, ipad, cell phone and  papers to mark.  Then throw on the kid's stuff - toys, books, empty snack cups and my stuff - purse, school bag, magazines....well you get the picture.  

So this weekend I begged for a bit of serenity.  I wanted that table cleared and cleaned- and I wanted to place something pretty on it instead!!

So, once the "stuff" was gone, I laid out hubby's great-grandmother's lace tablecloth (she crocheted every square inch of it and it is beautiful!) and a mirrored tray ( you can see the reflection of the chandelier in it).

Then I pulled my old brown toolbox out of storage and started adding in a mix of vintage items:  old mason jars, candles, a mix of plates, tarnished silverware and a couple of aged bottles.  

I LOVE the sparkly topper on this bottle.  

One plate is from our every day set of dishes, the other is an antique that often shows up in my decorating.  

The wooden box itself came from a garage sale.  It was pretty beat up, but a slick coat of chocolate brown paint cleaned it up very well.  

My delphiniums didn't flower this year.  Luckily I have several "faux" bunches to stick into vignettes throughout my house.  

I love the mix of textures in this small space.  And it looks so HOMEY.  

I think this vignette will work well into the autumn. Maybe if I change the flowers into sheaves of wheat.....

I have begun a table runner for the upcoming autumn season.  It is a traditional "tumbler" pattern. I used a charm pack of fabrics with pale green, aqua, peach and a rosy pink.  I think these colours may be the colours of autumn in our living and dining rooms this year.  

Keep watching for the upcoming  autumnal changes!


  1. So pretty!! I love that beautiful crocheted tablecloth. What a fun combination for your table. I love it!

  2. That crocheted tablecloth is beyond beautiful, to have your grand-grandmother's lace tablecloth is such an honor. What beautiful work she does. I would treasure it. Love the table runner you are making! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  3. So it's not just my table that is a catch-all. I always like when you redo your shelf and little corners around you house. It's the little things that make a house into a home.

  4. I love it Bronwyn! Your old tool box looks so pretty! I bet a cleaned off dining table must feel so must feel like you have a new room! Have a lovely week! Angie xo

  5. Wow, that crochet tablecloth is beautiful. Your runner is going to be very pretty. I know what you mean about the table, mine never stays tidy for long, they seem to be a magnet for "stuff"!


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