Wednesday, August 5, 2015

3 Crafty Projects -- DONE!!

I can't believe that we are halfway through our 10 week summer already!  We've been busy -- traveling, camping, swimming, gardening and simply pottering around the house. 
One of the things I look most forward to during the summer months is the freedom and time to take part in crafty endeavours. And during the month of July, I had was able to do so much of it!  Bliss!!
Here are three little crafty projects I managed to complete in between trips to the ice cream shop and bike rides around the park:
Zippered Pouch:  I needed a case to carry all the daily essentials (Tylenol, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, etc.) while we were in Italy. I was carrying a mid-sized bag with me, but I wanted all of the important things handy to grab when we were out and about. 

I had recently bought Amy Sinbaldi's book, Sweetly Stitched Handmades, and couldn't wait to make something from it.  I slightly modified her pouch pattern and tutorial to make my bag more square in shape. 
I included the patchwork, the hand-stitching and the embroidered label, just as she suggests in the book. 
I love how it turned out - especially with the cute Matryoska dolls across the top. 

ABC Quilt: SO many friends have announced they are expecting this autumn or in the early winter.  I decided I'd better get started early on a few baby presents. 
I love the zoo animals and  the ABC pattern in this collection of prints.  I think it will be perfect for a baby boy or a baby girl. 

London Cross Stitch:  I recently stitched a similar picture, depicting the symbols of Paris.  I have 2 more to make - Rome and New York City.  I am hoping to hang them all together in a travel collage in our hallway, reminding our family of all of the wonderful places we have seen!

All of the city cross stitch patterns were purchased from
What else am I working on these days?
I have been using the Project Life App to scrapbook our Italy pictures, a blue and green crocheted afghan and hexi-flowers that will someday be put together into a quilt!
So much to make and so little time!!
In fact, time to sign off from the computer and head to couch. My crochet hook is calling my name!!


  1. You made a really sweet pouch Bronwyn. I am particularly fond of the embroidered initials. x

  2. Fabulous finishes, Bronwyn! I love the little bag and quilt. Wish I could sew! I can (and do!) cross stitch a lot; pretty city! I have all of their charts but haven't started them yet. I look forward to seeing your crochet progress :-)

  3. I love that little pouch. And the cross stitch London is wonderful. Well done.

  4. I always enjoy looking at your lovely handmade crafts! Love, love, love the zippered pouch! So adorable. The cross stitch wall will be so neat. Awesome idea! The baby quilt is adorable as well. I look forward to seeing your next project. I head back to work Monday but I have been working in my classroom this week as well. The kiddos return the 17th! Summer is over for me.....

  5. So many beautiful things!! I love the fabric choices for your pouch and the little embroidery. I like to have a pouch in my bag with all those little bits and pieces in too, so much easier than scrabbling around in your bag looking for them isn't it. Love your cross stitch too, they will be a great memory of your travels! xx

  6. I really need to pull my finger out and get crafting again. So many things in my mind that I want to make and just not the time to do it all along with every day chores and general life *sigh*

    Some lovely little creations here though, you make such sweet things :)

    Love Gem

  7. Gorgeous! I loved seeing your makes :) The pouch is so cute, I love the russian dolls. I need to make one as well but am lacking in sewing skills so will need to practice ;) I bet the quilts will be much loved and used, they're beautiful. And the cross stitch is great, what a wonderful design x


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