Monday, June 24, 2013

Perking Up the Porch

Up until last weekend I had no idea what direction my summer porch decoration would go. Turquoise and blue like last year?  Yellow and navy like the year before?  

And then I found this pot of annuals at my local grocery store:

Gorgeous, eh?  
What colours would you call these?

My daughter and I have settled on purplish-blue and magenta-pink.

And a colour scheme is born!
Pink and purple it is.

To begin my quest for "purpley-pinkness" I spray painted this tray purple  and purchased a pot of mixed pink impatiens.  

 I then echoed the colour of my annuals in the starry wreath that hangs from the front door.

I placed some pillows on the Muskoka chair to add some comfort for summer book reading and lounging. 
 (I'll tell you a bit more about the purple patchwork pillow in a later post.)

As well, I planted several more annuals in shades of pink and purple  in a handful of other pots. 
Now our porch is basking in pretty perfection.

Speaking of perfection . . .

Our youngest son came home from school today with the biggest smile on his face.
He had received the "Bucket Filler of the Week" award from his kindergarten teachers. 

A "bucket-filler" is someone who does little things on a regular basis to bring joy and happiness to those around them.
This week, Camden was particularly good at this!

And we are so proud of our littlest dude!

Have a wonderful week everyone!



  1. Your porch is beautiful! The colors are so vibrant! Congratulations to the Bucket Filler! You deserve to be proud!

  2. Your front porch looks so pretty Bronwyn! I love pink & purple together! And congrats to the little guy! You must be a proud Momma! Have a lovely week! Angie xo

  3. Oh my goodness, that bucket filler award is AWESOME! We do bucket fillers in our class too... but I love that idea. Totally stealing it for next year! How do they chose a child each week? Is it just the trophy that is the prize or anything else? Your porch looks adorable too, by the way!!

  4. Such cute pictures! I love having flowers on my porch! It makes everything look so pretty!!

  5. Looks BEAUTIFUL!!! Congtat's to you little one on his award! S.T.

  6. And what a happy little dude he looks - what a contagious smile! Your porch is looking beautiful - I'd love to sit in that chair with a bit of wool and a hook! Jane x

  7. Well then, congrats to Mr. Bucket Filler!! :)

    AND, your porch looks lovely, love the color combo! :)

  8. The colour combination looks perfect and well done to the bucket filler! The patchwork pillow is gorgeous! Chel x

  9. Wave petunias are my favorites! I have them hanging on either side of my garage door. I've done geraniums on the front porch the last couple of years, though.

  10. Your porch is beautiful....and congrats to the cutest little bucket filler!

  11. looks lovely :) the colour scheme is beautiful and summery.

    im now following you on gfc & bloglovin through the lady's blog hop, which im co-hosting. id love it if you could check out my blog sometime? xx

  12. Beautiful flowers and photos! Stopping by via Thriving on Thursday to follow you. Would love you to stop by and visit us! My sister and I talk a lot about food, gardening, flowers and preserving food.

  13. hey! I am a little late but I found your blog through the lady's blog hop that happened the other day! love your blog :) excited to follow your blogging adventures! check out my blog at

  14. Your porch looks beautiful as always (I'm sure there is a different look to it now with the changing of seasons, as you can see I'm still very behind on my blog reading but still determined to catch up :) )
    Go Camden, well done on the award, what a little star :) x x x x


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