Thursday, June 20, 2013

Afton's Desk Gets a Makeover!

Oh Pine.  How I loathe thee.  
Your orangey-yellow-ness makes my skin crawl and my eyes burn.
How we did we spend a whole decade loving you throughout our homes - on tables, chairs, bookshelves, kitchen cabinets?  

Man - I am so glad that that trend has left the building!!

However, decor history has left us many solid pieces of furniture built out of this once-trendy wood.  
Yes, they are still usable.  But they need some "makeover love" before they can be used in our homes again.  

Enter exhibit one:  
A mid-sized desk, just perfect for my daughter's bedroom.
There's lots of drawer space to hold art supplies and a big surface on which to create her  masterpieces.  

But, man, it is  UUUGGG - LY!

This is a "keeping it real" picture.  This is REALLY how my daughter's room looks most of the time.  

Let the makeover begin!

I primed the ugly pine with two coats of a good primer.  Then three coats of creamy white went over top.
Now the drawer pulls...
I wanted to buy new ones.  Little Lady like those below. 
We compromised on keeping the pulls but spraying them silver instead.  

On a recent visit to the Home Depot, Little Lady fell in love with this "diamond" knob in the cabinetry section.  She loved it so much that she asked to spend her birthday money on it!
We bought it right then and there.

She took it home and immediately tried screwing it onto her not-quite-cured, freshly painted desk.
Oops. You can see in the above picture that some of the 5 layers of paint came off instantly

Now how was I going to fix this without having to repaint the drawer 5 times again??

Out came the scrapbook paper and the watered down white glue and I was off to the races.  


Now that worked out pretty well, didn't it??

Just think - if my daughter hadn't been so excited about the sparkly drawer pull, the whole desk would have remained white.

This is much prettier!

There we go.
Another bedroom project done.

I may be able to do a complete room reveal in the next week!!
Just a few more things to hang on the wall and Little Lady's room makeover will be complete!

No rest for the weary though --- Big Brother is looking for a bedroom re-do, too. 

Have a wonderful weekend 
we're going camping!!

Hugs to you and yours,



  1. Brilliant makeover and unique too. I've still got too many pine things. They're ok new but get darker and darker over the years. They're all getting done when we move!

  2. Hot Dang. That is Kooool. In fact, I have TWO of those ugly desks that are part of my "sewing station". They could use a facelift. I am off to Pinterest to get some ideas. I have been diggin' apple green and aquamarine/teal lately. Maybe with some corally peachy mangoey apricot?

  3. Looks great!! What a great fix! Adorable and creative...can't wait to see the finished space.

  4. This is GORGEOUS!! I'd like a desk like that! And I'm so glad that you're keeping it real - I think your and my little girls desk mess (creativity) is very similar!! Well done - I love the whole styling! J9 x

  5. Wow! Beautiful! Nice job! I have a desk like that in the garage, maybe I will give it a makeover! Love the knob your daughter picked out! I also love a little sparkle! S.T

  6. The paper is so cute! Perfect for a little girl!

  7. That turned out really nice, love the "diamond" in the middle with the mod podge. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love it Bronwyn! It looks so amazing now! The power of paint is a wonderful thing, isn't it? Her desk area looks so pretty! Excellent job Mama! Have a lovely weekend! Angie xo

  9. And I love your new blog banner too! So pretty!

  10. The desk looks amazing! The scrapbook paper you chose is really pretty and perfect for a little girl's desk. I'm pinning this!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party #37

  11. What a happy accident. They paper looks so does the whole desk area. Very cute.

  12. I love it!!! Came out great. I have wanted to do this for a long time. I'm so inspired to get it done now.

  13. Your Mod Podged desk looks great! I may try that on my old desk!

  14. WOW!! The makeover is AMAZING!!


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