Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bronwyn's Blooms

We live in a 5-year-old suburban home which we have had to landscape from scratch.  When we moved in we had no grass, no fence and no garden.

However, Hubby and I have worked tirelessly (okay - we DO get tired!) to make it the green family space we have now.

Don't get me wrong - there is plenty to do still. But each year we build something new, and add a slew of new trees and flowers. Slowly, our big wooden fence is being covered with vines  and hidden  by evergreen shrubs and perennials.  

Do you want to have a look-see?

Oh! My lilacs!
They make my heart leap!
I love everything about them - the smell, the colour and the beautiful little bunches of flowers.  

I have 4 varieties and each one has its own scent, shade and flower shape.  

Afton has enjoyed studying each kind carefully and decided her favourite was the palest ones.

"I like how they start as cute little pink flowers, then open into white!"

Being only the first week of June, I have a few later spring flowers still alive in the garden.
These tulip bulbs went in last fall and have sprung forth perfectly!
The white bleeding heart was a late summer addition last year. 

The pansies and pink petunias are in the pots on our deck.  I love how they add a zing of colour to the pale wood and neutral coloured furniture.  

For Mother's Day this year, my hubby bought me this Bridal Spirea.   I have long admired this shrub for its lacy flowers that cover its branches in early summer.  As you can see above, even my young plant was covered in tiny blossoms.

The Lily of the Valley were moved from my mother's garden.  They didn't flower last year, but this time 'round, I had SO MANY little stalks of bell-shaped flowers. And the smell - devine!!  

The Columbines above are new additions as well.   
 Pink is my absolute favourite colour. Hubby is not a fan so I don't put any pink inside my home when I decorate.  
However,  in the garden, I have free reign!
So, of course, my flower choices often reflect my colour adoration!!

Here, my youngest son, Camden, is enjoying the smell of our crab apple blossoms.  I have 2 crab apple trees and both we another gift from my hubby.
(He knows what makes me happy!)

Now what is the most impressive thing in my garden right now??

My Clematis.

Check her out!!

I took this picture a few days ago.
You should see the difference a few days makes.
I thought there were a lot of blooms on here already, but I bet there are twice as many now.  
(I'd get a picture but my battery is dead in the camera! Ooops.)

 I love to visit nurseries near the end of the season and buy trees and flowers after they have been reduced in price. Usually I can get 6 trees for the
 price of 1.
That's how I'm filling our huge yard with plant material for as cheaply as possible!

I am excited to see what flowers next in my garden.
Several plants have big buds on them -including my peony which could burst forth in tissue-y flowers this weekend.  

I'll keep you posted!

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. gorgeous garden!
    I also love lilacs. I wish they were in bloom a lot longer than they are.

  2. Your garden is just divine!! I can imagine the scent of the lilacs, lily of the valley and the clematis is certainly doing well. Isn't it great when the fruits of your labour start to pay off, especially when you can fill up jugs to dot around the home. I'm like you, I always go to the garden centre when there is a change of season so I can pile up more plants. My garden is 11 years old now and beginning to take on the look of a jungle, so there will be lots of tidying up in the next couple of weeks before the season really kicks off. Enjoy your week. Chel x

  3. There is so much in flower in your garden right now. I love those lilacs, they are just gorgeous. If your garden looks this good after five years just think how amazing it will look after five more. x

  4. Your garden looks wonderful Bronwyn! I love lilacs and clematis too! I so wish I were a better gardener, but I just tinker a bit here and there and add a few things as necessary! Have a lovely week! Angie xo

  5. Oh wow, you have created such a beautiful garden in a very short period of time! I love the variety of blooms! And your garden gate is so welcoming! I hope you share updates all summer long!

  6. Your garden is beautiful, it's a shame we can't smell the gorgeous scents through the computer screen :( Never mind, it is nice just being able to see them x x x


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