Friday, May 3, 2013

My Train Trip to Ottawa

I recently was able to escape the craziness of my regular homelife and head away on a "Mommy-only" weekend to visit my sister Stephanie in the city of Ottawa.  She has been living there for about 7 years and I am embarassed to say that I have only visited her a handful of times.  Between pregnancies, babies and toddlers, I felt I couldn't travel the distance.

Now that my 3 children are older I plan on taking more little trips like this one.

It all began on a Friday morning when I took a taxi from my house to the train station. I hadn't been in a taxi since university!!

Once on the bus, I settled in to enjoy my book for the hour it would take to travel into Toronto.

Always the crafter, even on the road, I had gathered up a variety of leftover yarn balls to take with me.  I knew I would have tons of time on the train to start whipping them into some colourful circular granny squares.

After my 1-hour bus trip, which I managed to sleep most of, I arrived at Toronto's Union Station.  I had just under an hour to grab some lunch, visit the facilities and find the correct train. 
No worries- made it onto the platform with lots of time to spare!!

Within minutes of leaving the station, I had hooked up my first circular granny square.  My plan was to make as many colourful centres as I could then enclose them in white before stitching them into another blanket.  

I had five hours on the train.  No one sat beside me so I spread my snacks, crocheting, magazines and books  out in the seat next to me and enjoyed every minute!

Don't I look relaxed??

I arrived easily into Ottawa and was picked up at the station by my sister's best friend, Kathryn.  Stephanie could not meet me because she was playing a key role in her school's spring musical that evening.
  Ever seen "Grease?"  Steph was playing the principal.  Her students ADORED that a real teacher in their school would take part in the performances. Sorry - no pictures of that.

After a late, late dinner in a pub, we crashed into bed at her lovely apartment and slept well in anticipation of a busy day on Saturday.

Recently a new store had opened in her Hintonburg area of Ottawa.  
She knew I would to shop there.  
And she was right.

Marie Antionette & Co.  was made for me.  And possibly for my 7 year daughter.  It was feminine, pretty, pink, sparkly, vintagey, new and old  all at the same time.

The lovely owner allowed me to take a few pictures:

Pink, pink, pink!

Look at all of this Pip Studio pottery!! This is so hard to find in Canada! I bought one of the mugs at the bottom right.

Connected to this lovely  European-style store was the Christmas version.  Shelves and shelves of the most beautiful Christmas decor I had ever seen!

After a delicious lunch of cider and wood-fired pizza, we met Steph's friend Kathleen for a walk in the woods.  What was supposed to be a lovely, spring-like walk through the greenspace around Ottawa, turned into the messiest, muddiest and snowiest trudge I had been on in years.  
See this picture below? That is not a lovely little stream flowing by the path- -IT IS THE PATH!!  

We were so wet and cold when we returned home that it took hours to thaw out.  However, it was great exercise and plenty of time to get talk and get caught up!

The next day, Stephanie, her boyfriend Simon and I walked a few blocks to Art Is In Bakery for a delicious brunch.

This latte made me VERY happy!

And this French toast, over-easy egg and maple bacon  stacker was even more yummy with a huge helping of hollandaise sauce drizzled over it!!

It was wonderful to have so much time with my sister.  Even though our lives are very different, we always have so much to talk about.   

I also enjoyed meeting her boyfriend, Simon.  I think they make a marvellous pair.

Soon after brunch, it was time for me to join my train back to Toronto.  

Steph and  I made plans for me to visit again in the fall.  I am already looking forward to it!

If you are wondering how many colourful circles I crocheted on my 10 hours on the train....The answer is 36!!

Easy to do without the interruptions and  expectations of  home!!
And the colours?  Oh so cheerful and easy to stare at for hours at a time.  

Now I just have to put the white edging around them and turn them into squares.

I might need another train trip for that!!

Hugs to you and yours!



  1. This sounds like a wonderful adventure - just having some time to yourself for a start! The shop looks beautiful and it looks like your sister took good care of you x Jane

  2. Sounds like you had fun with your sis :)

    Love your circle-y almost squares, too!

  3. A great project and a great weekend. Can't wait to see your finished afghan!


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