Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Picnic and a Laundry Room Vignette

A brand new bakery just opened in our town and with the weather being so perfect lately I decided to treat the kids to an after school picnic in the park.  
Gotta love a good bakery - fresh bread in a variety of artisan flavours, flaky pastries, cookies and a huge gluten free section.  Let's just say that EVERYONE in my family had a hard time picking what they wanted for dinner that night!

The two older children (Bryn and Afton) chose "pain au chocolat" in anticipation of our trip to France. Camden begged for two raisin-y Chelsea buns and I chose a apricot-filled croissant that was sweet and flaky.  Even my gluten-free hubby, Kevin, scored a big loaf of nutty country-style bread that he happily ate plain.  

Don't worry - our  whole meal did not consist of high fat pastries! I had also brought along carrot sticks, strawberries and chocolate milk to go along side!!


I'm not going to lie.  When we first moved into our home I painted the laundry room pink.  
Yes. I. did.
Pink is my favourite colour and no one spends more time in that room than me!!

So I chose pink. 

The WRONG pink.  

Instead of being pale and blushy, it looked like the room had been sprayed down with Pepto Bismol.  

So I recently  re-painted it in a pale greeny-aqua shade that is much gentler on the eyes and constitution!

Hubby also added a "backsplash" of bead board that I adore, and this past weekend, he put up this little display shelf, too.  

Time to fill it up with pretty things!

I bought this little lady several years ago in anticipation of decorating my laundry room.  Finally after 5 years, she is making her decor debut.  

I used three of my Crown canning jars filled with antique clothes pins and shiny  glass beads.  The beads add a nice kick of colour!

I bought these large iron scissors at a greenhouse recently.  Maybe they are meant to hang outside, but I like them as part of this vignette.  

I stitched this sampler months ago with plans to make it part of a gallery wall in our family room.  
Well, the gallery wall never happened but this stitchery fits perfectly into the colour scheme of my laundry room.

This oldie came from a yard sale last summer.  I love its aged appeal and the fact that it is Canadian-made.

And here is the finished shelf including the scalloped edge runner I placed under the decorative items.  

Sorry there is so much shadow and glare on the pictures.  There is no natural light in this room and so many ways to cast a shadow!

I still have lots of laundry room projects waiting in the wings.  Most will have to wait until summer vacation ( 7  1/2 weeks of school left!).

I'll share them as soon as I can!

Hugs to you and yours,


P.S.  I seem to have very few comments lately. Is there a problem with my commenting system?  Please let me if you are having trouble!


  1. What a wonderful vignette! I love those big shears and the sampler is so sweet - you clever thing! Lucky you having the weather to allow a picnic in the park x Jane

  2. Cute vignette and lucky kiddos!

  3. This is adorable...I'll be borrowing some of your ideas soon. I've several cute things that will look great in my laundry. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Such a pretty vignette, I doubt I'd get much laundry done looking at it's gorgeousness. Sarah x

  5. What a pretty display! I like that shelf - shelves are such a great way to display your favourite bits and pieces.

    Your new bakery sounds wonderful, I must say! x

  6. The start of your laundry room already looks amazing! I looked at mine this morning and thought it's just too functional...where are the pretty bits and pieces. So, today, thanks to your inspiration, I will make a start! The pastries looked gorgeous and I bet you can't wait to get over to France to taste theirs (wave to me in England from the plane!). Take care. Chel x

  7. The picnic sounds fab! and I love your room makeover. Hope you enjoy your trip to France. xx

  8. Oh how lovely, you ahve got to love a picnic. I also love that washboard it is gorgeous. I have been looking to pick one up too but all the ones I have found have been quite pricey so I'm just going to wait until I find one where the price is right.

    Sorry I'm so behind on reading peoples blogs at the moment, I'm currently playing catch up, i'm 4 weeks behind but determined to get up to date)


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