Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day and My Garden in May

Middle of May already!!  Mother's Day has come and gone, but my hubby and kids made it a wonderful weekend all 'round.

Because Kevin had to attend a conference on Friday and Saturday of the Mother's Day weekend, I took all three of the kids to my mother's home 2 hours down the road.  

My mother always finds these "special" days  on the calendar much more difficult since my father past away.  So, I try, as often as I can, to come home so that she is busy and focused on her grandkids instead of feeling sad.  

The kids surprised her with some driveway chalk art.
She adored it!

On Mother's Day I slept in until 9am (!!) and then enjoyed a delicious breakfast prepared by my hubby and the kids (Apparently, my oldest buttered my toast!)

Then the parade of homemade gifts began.  
My daughter made me an adorable clay pot filled with clay flowers on a recent school field trip. Her card featured her own hand print as the cutest stems on a pot of tissue flowers.  

My oldest son made me a folded paper butterfly out of a magazine and he drew me the sweetest card.  

And my youngest son's teachers helped him write out a recipe card for his favourite food that I prepare.  Then he mod-podged some tissue paper onto a wooden spoon so that I could hang it on my kitchen wall as a decoration.  

So many marvelous keepsakes.  They made my heart glow and will bring tears to my eyes again in the future.
Oh! Why can't they stay little forever??

Speaking of things that make me happy. . . .

How about a little look around my garden??

Come on in. . . .

And don't forget to close the gate!

My mother gave me a clump of her Lily of the Valley early last year and they barely grew, let alone flowered during the summer of 2012.  Luckily, this year, after a year in my garden, they are covered in flower buds that should burst forth within days.  I can't wait to smell their intoxicating fragrance!!

These tulips are from new bulbs my children and I planted last fall.  I love their magenta colour and ruffly petals.

As bright as the tulips above are, these ones are pale. Do you see the touch of the prettiest pink along the edges??

Hello Purple Pansies!
Don't they look like they have faces smiling up at you??

This my youngest son's favourite thing in my garden.  He believes everything should be yellow.  After all, it is, in his words, "very sunshiney" - - and his favourite colour!!

These grape hyacinths hitched a ride when my Aunt Betty gave me some chives from her garden.  They were a nice surprise and cute as a button!

These daffodils sprung from newly planted bulbs, too.  I love the peachy cups in the centre of the frilly white wings.  

I am just in awe of my garden these days.  I love how it is gradually filling with green, blocking out the lumber fence and turning into our own little sanctuary.  
Trust me - I have a long way to go and lots to learn as a amateur gardener, but I am enjoying every leaf, bud and flower along the way.  

Much love to you and yours!!



  1. I love the surprise for your little ones' Nana on the driveway, I bet she is wishing that it doesn't rain. You were certainly spoilt by those cards. You're right, it's a shame they can't stay that way. Your garden looks gorgeous with all the new blooms and those tulips are spectacular. Have a great week. Chel x

  2. Sounds like a perfect Mother's Day! And looks like spring is in full bloom in your garden! Don't you love the way it changes every single day and just gets better and better! I hope you share photos all summer long!


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