Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pretty Paper Garland

My life needs more pink. It is my absolute favourite colour and frankly, I can never get enough of it. However, I have 2 sons ( luckily I do have one little girl I can slather in Pink!) and a hubby that has only one decor rule - NO PINK!
However, this Christmas, my dearest better half DID think it was a good idea to add some pink to our decor. Hurray! I was off and running with my RED, BLUE, GREEN AND PINK colour scheme.
What to make this time....... Paper Garland!! I saw several on Pinterest and I decided on this method:
1. I picked a variety of Christmas scrapbook papers matching my colour theme.
2. Next, I dug out my trusty paper punches in a variety of sizes - scalloped and plain.
3. I cut a huge pile of circles. My youngest gave me a hand (even though he should have been in bed!). I loved watching the mix of colours grow in my favourite milk glass bowl!!4. More red I think. I need to balance those pastels.5. Then off to the sewing machine. I slid each circle under the stitching foot and gradually let them slide through, always ready to add the next. I kept my thread a neutral white so it hid well on most of the papers.
6. Then voila! It was ready for the tree!! We hung it right after we placed the strings of lights.
My daughter thought the garlands reminded her of a necklace - "one with really big beads!" Of course, she tried it on.
Then, onto the ornaments. Here is my youngerst admiring his circle-cutting handiwork.
Our tree. Lights, paper garland, kid-made ornaments, vintage glass balls, mommy-made ornaments, and right in the middle - our Elf, Cricket ( that is where we found her the morning after our tree went up!)Thanks for stopping by. I'd love it if you left a comment. And BECOME A FOLLOWER, TOO!


  1. Really cute! I love it! My husband is the same way, no pink in the decor.

  2. Oh, this is so pretty! I'm going to have make some time to do this--our 2 trees are already up but maybe I can put it somewhere else...

  3. this is such a great project and it looks easy. I should buy those paper cutters.

  4. This is too cute! Of course, your garland "holder" makes it that much cuter :). Thanks for linking up with Hating's appreciated!


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