Friday, January 27, 2012

Using Up Those Scraps!

I use quilting charm packs quite often for small sewing projects. I love working with charm packs because each package contains 20-30, 5"x 5" squares all in perfectly coordinated fabrics. It lets me use tons of lovely patterns all at once.
Lately I have been sewing lunch-bags, makeup bags and the tops of dolly quilts. But every time I complete a project, I have lots of little scraps left over from each charm pack. And I CAN"T BEAR to throw them out!!!

Recently I was left with a bunch of these:
Each piece is about 1 1/2" x 5" and pretty useless. Or are they??
Nope. Not to an expert patchworker like me!! ( Ha, ha!- Aunt Mary - if you are reading this, your skills make me look like a patch-Slacker!)
Even little strips can be used up! Here is my simplified "Log Cabin" quilt block. I had to wing it a bit because by the time I got to the outside rings, my strips were too short, so I sewed a few together to make the correct length.
My plan was to make this patched square into a pillow top so I had to add some edging to increase its size. I went with a row of white and then a thin edge of coordinating pattern.
There she be. Not bad, eh? Considering I used very small scraps and it took less than 45 minutes to put together.
And here it is, backed and placed onto a pillow form. I love how it adds a little bit of zing to my mostly green and aqua living room. Maybe I'll lean towards some more of these colours as I spruce up for spring. Hmmm......
My new owl wanted to get into the photo action, too. I grabbed him at a discount decor store just after Christmas. Love him to bits!
Thanks for the visit on such a cold January day. I hope you are seeing some lovely snowfall in your neck of the woods! Please leave a comment and BECOME A FOLLOWER! I'd love that!


  1. Awesome pillow! LOVE IT! and the owl's pretty cute too! S.T.

  2. Oh my, so cute! That would have taken me forever! Thanks for you kind comment on my gray shelf makeover!

  3. Beautiful! enJOYing the colors. Makes me yearn for spring even more. Found you on 29 Charmer's Sunday best.

  4. Love your scrappy pillow, I recently made some pincushions using jeans, its great when you dont waste fabric.

  5. Ooh! I love this. The fabrics are so pretty and that's such an easy way to use up those scraps. xx


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