Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Thrifty & Vintage Bedroom

As I was tidying my daughter's room (AGAIN!) this morning, it struck me how much of her bedroom is old, re-made, home-made and re-used. I grabbed my camera and took a closer look....

Here is a shot of one corner of her room - the sleeping section. Girly - pink, purple, patterned- perfectly girly!
See the medallion on the wall? Thrifted and spray-painted. The heart pennants - handmade by me! The bed - thrifted (it used to be an ugly shade of wood), now painted a pale grass green.
And the pillows - all made by me. The one in front was made to match the drapes in her newborn nursery. Though the drapes stayed with the old house when we moved, the pillow will stay with us forever! The striped one - made to match the drapes in her current bedroom. And the pink one - made from a thrifted sweater. I sewed on several old mis-matched buttons for an extra bit of detail.
This is her view when she lies on her bed. I made 9 of these for her 5th birthday party last year. They took hours to complete and were not going in the garbage after the party - so up they went on her bedroom ceiling.
Just left of her bed is this vinyl wall decal. I picked it for 9 bucks at a local discount decor store. I like how it has a patch-worked feel to it with its mixed patterns.
Here is her nightstand. This was a garage sale find. When I found it, it was dingy and grey. the woman selling it thought she was over-charging me when she asked for $2.00!! SOLD! A couple layers of white paint and an antique knob and she was perfect!!
I found this clock at Value Village. A whopping 6 bucks! No batteries in it yet. My little lady can't tell time! Hee, hee.
I love the bead detail on this lamp. Once again a discount store find. Look at those beads and the "crystal" on the base.
Aren't these the prettiest purple flowers? I found this bowl at Goodwill for 99 cents. It is perfect for corralling my daughters barrettes and jewelry. Otherwise they get tossed on the floor beside the bed!
Now the quilt. My mother made it for my youngest sister 30+ years ago. It has been packed away in her belongings for years. One day last year, my daughter, my sister and I were perusing a flea market and darling daughter fell in love with a $350 vintage quilt with just this dolly design on it. Of course, the $$$ made me gasp and shout NO! My sister quickly came to the rescue and improved my daughter's mood by promising her the use of the family-made Dolly quilt currently located in my sister's storage locker. And here it is - it gives my little lady (and me!) great joy every day!
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  1. What a beautiful room - that quilt is such a special addition! Is that Holly Hobby (Can't even remember if that was her name...).

    I’d love for you to share this at Simply Klassic Home

  2. Gosh, I would've LOVED to have had this room as a child! :o) (I believe that is just a "Sunbonnet Sue" on the quilt, not "Holly Hobbie.")

  3. What a cute room and a truly lucky and loved little girl! Thanks! Came over from Craft-o-Maniac Mondays!

  4. I am soooo jealous of her room, it is beautiful x x x x

  5. Aww! I loved the post Bronwyn; glad I could assist in bringing a big smile to my wee niece's face. See you soon! OXO

  6. How wonderful to have a bedroom so pretty, your lucky daughter! (She obviously has good taste already) I especially like the colour of the bed and the little handmade heart garland!!

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my dresden flower :-) patchwork (like so many other crafty things) is extreamly addictive isn't it? I can't wait to start my next project!

    Louise xx

  7. Beautiful room!!! Lucky little girl! S.T.

  8. That is an adorable room! I love every detail!! I'm sure your daughter loves it:D

    Also, thanks for your ever so sweet comment you left for my recycled sweater doll:) I'll see you around!

    Maysem @ Ode to Inspiration

  9. What a gorgeous & serene bedroom. Completely lovely.

  10. Your daughters room is pretty. Love that the "old" guilt was used in her room, now she has some great memories associated with it being it was yours sister. So cute. Love your pillows, and love to sew them. The room maybe repurposed, reused and made, but it is not short on style. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best Party!

  11. Love this room-so pretty for a little girl!

  12. It's beautiful... lucky girl! Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!

  13. SO pretty!! I love it! I especially love her sweet quilt. What a perfect room for a girl!

    Thanks SO much for linking up!!

  14. What a lovely room! Thanks for the visit... and to answer your question, I now live near Windsor. I grew just north of fergus, though.
    I will be following you on Linky, too.


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