Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Keeping Her Pretty Little Neck Warm!

I had to buy my 5 year old daughter a new snowsuit this year. I had hoped the one I had bought extra big last year would last another season, but to no avail. So after a quick trip to a favourite kid's store, we came home with a chocolate brown coat, lined with pink,orange and white polka-dots.
So with a coat, comes the need for new matching accessories. I bought her some cozy, double-lined mitts, but I wanted to get my OWN knitting needles going in order to make her a matching hat and scarf.

I opted at the last minute to make her a neck-warmer ( or an old-fashioned "dickie") because it would be easier to put on herself and much safer on the playground. I used a pattern I had bought at a yard sale - printed in 1957!!- and knit up this basic turtle-necked cozy in a few days.
Although I thought the stitches looked pretty darling knit in plain pink, I, as usual, needed to jazz it up a bit! On went some orange crocheted flowers:
Hmmm...More texture needed here. How about some brown in the form of little button centres in the flowers??
Still not done. There is a lot of empty space in between those flowers. Time to embroider!
There. That's better. And it matches the lining of her coat to a tee!
I think she likes it too. In fact, I know she does. For the last few days, she has been wearing it around the house like it was a diamond necklace!!
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  1. Hi~~ Oh my gosh, to have that happen to your child is so hard to imagine dealing with. I am so.....happy to hear that he is happy and healthy. Good bye to 2011, Hello 2012~~~ It is so important to be grateful and live everyday to the fullest even though sometimes I do forget. Going through things like you have change life forever.
    Cheers to a happy and VERY healthy New Year!!

    This is my response toyour email to me. I responded via email but I think it came through as a noreply.

  2. Wow, that is a great idea and a beautiful outcome!! She may start a trend in the neighborhood- I hope you can mass produce :). I love your cute blog (and I ADORE the name Bronwyn, on a side note). I'm your newest follower!

    Thanks for stopping by 52mantels! To answer your question, I hadn't thought about repurposing the wreath for v-day, but it would certainly work. Maybe I'll try to see how many times I can repurpose it this year :). Fun idea! Black and white can go with any season, right??

  3. This came out so cute, I need to learn how to embroider!
    A few blog friends and I are collectively presenting a new challenge idea that we would love to have you join. If you have a second, check in at on Monday to learn more, and feel free to email me if you have any questions!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  4. This is amazing.. I LOVE it.. I love the added touches, makes the sweater EVEN much lovely.. So pretty.. THANK YOU SO MUCH for linking to Pin'Inspirational Thursday last week. Hope you ar eback again this evening.. LOVE this feature.. Wishing you a perfect evening.. xoxox..


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