Friday, January 13, 2012

A "Pretty" I Can wear!

Before Christmas, I was dressing up for a concert at the school where I teach primary music. I was dressed in a black suit, with a red sleeveless shell underneath. Hubby said I looked lovely, but something was missing. I really needed a shot something light and feminine. But as I looked through my very large collection of scarves, necklaces, brooches, nothing seemed to be the "perfect" accessory. I settled for a red and silver scarf and walked out the door, making note, that I needed to fill this accessory "void" as soon as possible.

So when I had a minute, during the Christmas holidays, I grabbed my crochet hook, and a ball of white yarn wound with a silvery thread and whipped up this "pretty" in a jiffy!

I love this little pattern. I had crocheted a bunch of these in pink to make my daughter's wreath back in November.

I can whip one up in about 10 minutes, and really, you get a lot of flower for very little time!

Hmm...pretty - but I need more glamour. How about one of these:
Yep. That's the ticket!
Here I am, modelling my handmade flower. Hubby took the pictures. (One of my resolutions for 2012 is the BE IN more photos. I'm off to a good start!)
What else does a girl need? Red lips, a flattering pose and a pretty little flower!
I've worn my brooch several times already and many of my friends are hoping for one, too. Maybe this weekend I'll get started on a few. I'll sit by the window and watch the snow fall, sip some orange pekoe and do some pleasant crocheting.

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  1. What a cute photo! I love your flowers! I received a pink, and a white one at a mother's day function, but I have never tried to make pretty!

  2. I have a knit cap that would look great on. Love it!

  3. So cute! I love that wreath with the pink ones! So dang cute:) Thanks so much for linking up at Friday Frolic!! I am featuring you today on FB!

  4. That's beautiful!! Lovely and feminine!

  5. Came over via My 1929 Charmer....these are sweet flowers and I've been looking for different types of flowers for a craft I have in mind. Are they just shell stitches? thanks! xo

  6. you're so hot, Sister. That brooch is adorable (not my style: I don't need to be on your list); I know many who'd be all over it!

  7. Very pretty crochet flower. Beautiful in the wreath and in a pin. Do you have a pattern for it? Very cute. Thanks for sharing your crochet flower inspiration at Sunday's Best!

  8. Bronwyn- I featured this adorable flower on my blog today! It was one of the top viewed links on Friday Frolic:) Thanks for linking up and feel free to grab a featured button on my sidebar. Take care!

  9. Very pretty. I wish i knew how to knit/ crochet. I tried learning a few months ago and it just wasn't for me. :(


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