Thursday, July 2, 2015

Five on Friday : Pictures from my Phone

Joining in again this week with Amy's (Love Made My Home) "Five on Friday" linky party. 
Once again, here are 5 photos from my phone that illustrate the week we had here in our neck of the woods. 
Number One: Chocolate Fudge Cake
I've been baking a "cake a week" since the beginning of April.  I have not missed a single week and every single cake has been delicious, if I do say so myself!  This week I made a Chocolate Fudge Cake by request of my oldest son.  I topped it with a butterscotch nut glaze and our family of five ate it in one sitting! 

Number Two: Re-connecting Over "Connect Four"
Have you played this game?  We love it around here and it is played often be every member of the family.   This week, while the older two kids were at a playdate, I had the opportunity to re-connect with our youngest son over one of our favourite games.  He's a different boy when he doesn't have to compete for anyone's attention. We talk happily about the day's events and make plans for the next. He fills me in about Star Wars and his current  Lego construction project.  It really is quite lovely spending this quiet time with him.  
Number Three: Summer Vacation
Summer officially began here on Monday morning.  All five of us are home for the next 10 weeks (hubby and I are both teachers!) and we try to do something a little bit fun everyday.  This picture is from Day 1 when we loaded up the car and headed for the library, poised to pick some excellent new summer reading material.   
Number Four:  My Baking Assistant
Our oldest son, Bryn, is tech-driven kind of kid.  He would play on his ipad, laptop or NintendoDS non-stop if we let him.  During the summer we limit his tech-time so that he can explore a variety of other pursuits during his free-time.  Sometimes he has real difficulty finding something else to do when he has been forced to unplug.  So, at least once a week, he is going to meet me in the kitchen and follow a recipe start to finish to create something yummy for the family.  It will be good practise reading, following instructions, measuring and completing a challenging task.  As you can see from the picture below, he didn't mind helping at all this week.  Chocolate-covered spoons make an excellent snack!
Number Five:  Canada Day Corn Toss
July 1st is Canada Day.  It is a holiday here and every year we attend a huge BBQ with several families in the small town in which  I grew up.  Each year a large part of the day is the annual "Corn Toss" tournament.  If you don't know the game, it's pretty easy - two teams of 2 players  take turns tossing corn-filled bags into the hole of a slanted gameboard.  Below you can see our daughter, Afton, giving it her best go.  Look at the effort in her face!  Kevin and I took home the "runners-up" award for the tournament - two bags of Werther's candies.  Not a bad prize if you ask me!
Not many plans on the cards over the next few days.  In fact, Kevin and I suggested to the kids that we do as little as possible for at least the next 72 hours!
We leave for Italy one week from today so I guess I should start thinking about organizing and packing for that at some point, too!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. 10 weeks together as a family, sounds like total bliss to me and not ruled by a clock either. Enjoy every moment and have fun in Italy

  2. That cake looks delish. Glad to see you've had a fab week x x x

  3. I can see why that cake would easily go in one sitting. :) Connect Four was always a favorite when my boys were little. My youngest son is connected to his laptop non-stop, but next week we head to the States to see my college boy so there will be lots of road trips, outdoor activities and hiking. Enjoy Italy!

  4. 10 weeks together sounds idyllic to me, enjoy your wonderful time together. The cake looks delicious and totally understand why it would be eaten in one sitting.

  5. What a wonderful post! Starting the summer with a trip to the library...that's awesome! Your youngest son reminds me of when our grandson was about his age, but he's more like the oldest opne now, with his love of tech things! Happy Canada Day also!

  6. Oh that cake looks delish! Baking a cake a week is a very good thing! Yes i have the same battle with the screens in my house. It gets hard sometimes but getting the kids outside is good. My son has collected the bad windfall citrus from the tree jn the paddock and has made sheilds out of cardboard ready for a lemon fight!!!

  7. You are going to have such fun with the children over the holidays, I really miss mine now they are all grown up. Your cake looks delicious.

  8. Your cake looks yummy I need a piece right now to eat with my coffee, connect 4 brings back memories it's a long time since I played that, I bet you are really looking forward to Italy have a fabulous time! :)

  9. Your cake looks delicious. I hope you have a super 10 weeks holiday and that you have a wonderful trip to Italy:)

  10. That cake, I drool!!! Looks a lot like Turtles....what we call a candy here in the USA consisting of chocolate, caramel and pecans.

    Oh yes, I remember the game of Connect Four. Our kids played it when they were young...long, long ago. [my youngest is 43!!!]

    I applaud you and your husband...both being teachers!!! There aren't enough like you two in my opinion. Have a great vacation time with your loved ones.

  11. Wonderful post, Bronwyn! You have a beautiful family. I hope your weekend is full of blessings :-)

  12. Ten weeks!!!! We have seven weeks off school this summer, a week longer than usual. I've never heard of Corn Toss but Connect 4 was a big favourite in this house when the children were younger, and my parents still have the set we used when we were children, they keep it for the grandchildren. Thank you for sharing a lovely Five, and have a wonderful holiday. x

  13. That cake looks divine! We would have eaten it all in one sitting as well! It looks like you and the children and thoroughly enjoying summer break so far! I bet you are excited about Italy too. I am hoping to visit my daughter in Prague after Christmas and we are planning a trip to Italy while I am there. I can't wait...:) I look forward to keeping up with your visit on Instagram! Have a lovely week!

  14. That cake looks delicious! I used to love connect 4, I need to get it out of the loft. Yeah for Summer holidays. How exciting that Italy is only a week away! Can't wait to read your posts xx

  15. What great pictures! You guys sound like you're having a great holiday already :) That cake looks so unbelievably scrummy I think I drooled a bit :)

  16. Connect 4 was my absolute favourite game, probably because I beat everyone and I wasn't used to winning;) that chocolate cake looks yummy :) xxx

  17. You lucky thing! 10 Weeks!!! Full of family time and adventures :-) Connect 4 is one of my favourites, especially the big pub versions with huge counters. Your cake looks gorgeously rich, I could certainly run to two slices of that one :-) Have a wonderful break in Italy and wave to us as you fly over xx


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