Friday, July 31, 2015

Five On Friday: Cottage Sunsets

Hello- and welcome to another weekend! 
Friday is upon us again, and just like always, I am joining in Amy's (Love Made My Home) weekly series, Five on Friday. 
The family just returned from 4 days at a cottage that my sister had rented in a river-front town about 5 hours from home.  We drove up on Monday and spent several days splashing in the water, lounging on the grass and eating copious amounts of delicious food! 
I took a zillion photos and haven't had much time to go through them, however I did take the time to pick out five.
Each evening we were blessed with some amazing sunsets and I tried to capture them with my camera. 
Here, I have chosen my 5 favourites:
Number One: Mommy and Me
Because I am usually the photographer, I am never in the pics, but one evening my sister grabbed my camera while our daughter Afton and I crept out into the water. 

 Number Two: Pastel Clouds
I love how the glow of the sun, hidden behind the clouds, illuminates them from inside.  Pinks, blues, purples and golds abound. 
Number Three: Golden Line
Earlier in the evening, the sun still glowed yellow.  My youngest son, Camden (6), commented on the "golden line" it created as it reflected in the water.

Number Four: Fire on the Water
Pretty intense colours, huh? Mind-blowingly beautiful!

Number Five: Sunset Love
Our river was full of clams.  Not any near the shore where we played, but a bit further out. Often the empty shells floated up to shore and the kids collected them in their sand buckets.  I found this one on the second evening while I watched the kids play-- long after what should have been bedtime!

Thanks for popping by everyone! I look forward to catching up on my blog reading and finding out what all of you have been up to!
More cottage and Italy pictures to come next week!
Hugs to all and happy weekend!


  1. What exquisite photographs, you have captured the clouds and sky perfectly. And you have a Welsh name! I am from Wales although now live in England.. you have a super blog. I shall visit again.

  2. Wow, those are amazing pictures, Bronwyn! Such pretty colors. I love the Mommy and Me pic; I'm always the photographer, too, so have precious few pics of me with my girls.

  3. Beautiful. That is one BIG river. It looks like you enjoyed your time there. Cheers, Beckie

  4. Those are stunning photos you have captured, such beauty. I too am usually the photographer.

  5. Totally gorgeous sunsets. You just couldn't imagine them any better. :-)

  6. Sooooooo beautiful Bronwyn!!! They really are just stunning aren't they!!! I love the shell with the heart hole too, that is wonderful. I love the golden line, oh and all the others too!!!! So glad you had such a great time away! Thank you so much as always for joining in. Remember there will be no fiving in August, but back in September! Hope that you have a great weekend and a great August too! xx

  7. Wow what beautiful photographs to capture the sunset. I love the first picture of you and your daughter and the last one with the heart shell, how apt. And thank you Bronwyn for coming over my blog too, its most appreciated and introduced me to yours. Have a lovely August

  8. Hi Bronwyn,

    I love your sunset photographs, so pretty. I have been the photographer for years but had a spell when hubbie took some pictures for me and now he is quite enjoying photography too! Looking forward to seeing your cottage and Italy photographs.

    Thank you Bronwyn for visiting my blog too. Have a great weekend! Barbara xx

  9. Amazing sunsets - each one better and better. Love the seashell too. What a grand vacation.

  10. Absolutely amazing sunsets, all so different, all so mind-blowing. God's nature just can't be described in any way. No words.

  11. These are such beautiful sunset photos you captured. It sounds like you had a wonderful time on your vacation. Enjoy your weekend :)

  12. Lovely! Such wonderful sunsets:)

  13. Those are beautiful! There's something special about sunsets over the ocean - maybe it's because I grew up on the east coast, so we never had them!

  14. Oh what glorious photos! I especially loved no. 1 and no. 4! No 1 of course because of you being with your daughter on the shore. Beautiful and so sweet. And no. 4 because it knocks your socks off it is so gorgeous! But they are all wonderful! And I love the heart in the lobster claw...very clever!

  15. Aloha! What a wonderful five photos to choose and to share! I love that picture with you and your daughter. I know what you mean, often I am the one behind the camera. I am trying to remedy that - cause when Liam looks at our photos I want him to be able recall memories and see me, sharing in all of the fun with them. The colors of the sunsets are beautiful and so inspiring. That fire and water picture is really beautiful. I love the boat in it. Thank you so much for sharing and it was so nice visiting you here in your space. Have a lovely weekend. Aloha.

  16. Thank you for sharing the stunning end of 5 joyful days for you and your family - I especially like that cute mussel with a heart <3 I found several heart-shaped coral pieces on the beach when we lived on Maui - hearts are something we just can't seem to resist!! <3<3<3 Ann

  17. Spectacular photos, Bronwyn. It looks and sounds as if you had a very special time. x

  18. WOW. Such beauty. you know me, I love a good sunset, these are breathtaking. Such a lovely photo of you and Afton, a precious little moment captured forever.

    Love Gem x x


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