Friday, June 26, 2015

Five On Friday - Five Creative Works in Progress

Yesterday was the last day of school! I sent my 29 kindergarten students off on their summer vacations and I get to start mine tonight after I finish cleaning up my classroom!
Summer time means FREE time and I look forward to getting back at a few of the projects I have let slide as the school year progressed.  Here are my top five crafty projects that I hope to get completed in the next few weeks:
Number One: My English Paper-pieced Hexagon Flowers
Truthfully, this quilt won't be DONE in the next few weeks, but I hope to get several more flowers stitched, especially while we are travelling in Italy. So far, I have only worked on this project while we've been on vacation. So far, I have flowers made in France and England and I am looking forward to adding some Italian flowers, too!

Number Two: "Circle in a Square" Blanket
I'm making this to add to the afghan collection in our family room.  Now that the dog insists on his own blanket, I need one more for another human member of my family.  I am about half-done these squares and should be completed by the end of July. 
Number Three: ABC Animal Quilt
This week, three friends have announced they are expecting (including one set of twins!) so I have a few baby projects to get done this summer. I have the piecing complete on this quilt and the backing and binding bought, so now I just need to layer it all together and get the quilting done!

Number Four: London Cross-Stitch
I'm half-done this one too.  I have a cloud, a tree, a car and the remains of a building to complete. Cross-stitching is slow-going, but it is all worth it in the end!

Number Five: Flower Garden Quilt
So many flowers, so little time....until now!  I can't wait to layer this quilt top up with the vintage sheet I bought for the backing.  My daughter is already requesting  a park picnic on it as soon as it is done!
Next - I'm going to go and check out all the other blog posts left by people who are joining in on Amy's Five on Friday linky party.
Then - I'm going to start getting ready for our second camping trip of the season.  Let's hope the rain holds off.  Being stuck inside the travel trailer all weekend would absolutely stink!!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. I seem to have fallen off the crafting wagon. Really need to take a look at my craft projects in progress and get on with something. I have a few different ideas, so it's time to get those creative juices flowing again.
    Loving the Cross Stitch london scene, it's so sweet x x x

  2. I love all your projects I bet you don't know where to start! they will all be beautiful when they are done, have a great weekend. :)

  3. Oh how I love this bright and beautiful post! I am loving every single one of your lovely projects. The travel quilt is my favorite cool! I am hoping to visit Italy if I get to visit my daughter when she moves to Prague. Fingers crossed! :)

  4. Five wonderful crafting projects!!! They are all fabulous! I was thinking, could you save your hexi flowers for making just when you travel and then you will have memories of all the places you travelled to and made flowers? I like your crochet squares too, they are a great design! Thank you so much as always for joining in. I hope that you have a great weekend and a great summer too! xx

  5. Wow I really love all of your beautiful projects you have made! Thanks for your lovely visit!

  6. Goodness how do you manage to do it all? I love the quilted flowers such pretty material. Enjoy your summer holidays I expect you are ready for a rest. :-)

  7. What glorious projects to tinker with over the summer. they are all so colourful and vibrant. I am very jealous that you have broken up for the holidays already, we still have another 3 weeks!!!!

  8. Oh those beautiful flowers that you have made all over Europe are brilliant, just think you will have lovely memories attached to the quilt when you finish it. You have some gorgeous things to make this summer! I hope the camping trip goes well, have a fantastic time xx

  9. What lovely projects to keep you busy over the holidays, Bronwyn! They're all bright and colourful!
    I especially like your flower garden quilt, perfect for a picnic in the park. Have a super camping trip, fingers crossed for fine weather xx

  10. Your flower hexagons are truly beautiful Bronwyn. I might just join you for that picnic on the new flower quilt if I am in the neighbourhood. Have a lovely weekend. x

  11. Such wonderful projects! Your quilt is looking great and I love the hexagons. You have inspired me to get back to some of my projects that I've abandoned. Enjoy your camping trip out in the fresh air, wishing dry weather for you.

  12. Artsy I'd say. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  13. Love your projects! Love the colors of those hexie flowers! Everything is just wonderful!

  14. I sure enjoyed your 5....I am a quilter, too. I have a baby quilt in progress right now for a baby shower in June. And I am making a Lotus(Jaybird design) quilt for one of my daughters...I haven't got all the 'blocks' made. (the blocks are actual triangle shaped)

  15. What a lovely post! Your projects are all so beautiful and inspiring.
    Enjoy your camping trip and especially the travelling in Italy!
    Looking forward to seeing lots of photos...

  16. I intended to do some painting this weekend but here I am at midday on Saturday and so far I've done NOTHING! Ho hum. You are doing very well. I'm impressed.

  17. I don't know how you find the time! They all look fantastic but my favourite has to be the flower garden quilt. I have nothing at all in progress at the moment but I may start to crotchet a blanket for Bears bed. Something that doesn't require too much concentration. X

  18. Oh my what wonderful WIP's! I really want to make at least one Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt in my lifetime... ahh, there is that age old quandry, finding the time! Speaking of time, where on earth do you manage to find it and be a full-time teacher as well? Kudos to you my dear friend! Will look forward to seeing your progress as well as some lovely photos of Italy! :D
    Hugs for now,
    Beth P

  19. Yay for summer break & free time!!
    I love all of your projects. I think quilting would be so amazing, but my aunt tried to teach me once & I was hopeless. Lol Think I'll stick to paper crafts. ;)
    Happy weekend!

  20. Goodness - so many quilts and blankets! They're all lovely and I hope you get plenty of time to work on them over the summer. Hope you enjoy your trip to Italy too! xx

  21. Hooray for school holidays! Hope the sun shone for your camping trip - we haven't been able to have one yet because it has rained every weekend! Love your quilts and blankets. x

  22. you have a lot of beautiful things you are creating...cross stitch is about the only one i can do, it's fun! enjoy your summer...we've been out since may 22nd! thanks for linking and have a great week!


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