Friday, May 1, 2015

Five on Friday - Pictures from My Phone

Hurray! It's Friday!
We made it.  Another busy week is under our belts.  Is everyone else as ready for a weekend as I am? And it's fo y favourite months!

Before heading to work this morning I'm going to post my five pictures for  Amy (Love Made My Home) and her Five on Friday linky series. 

Number One: My mother bought a cool hair pencil so that she could jazz up her own hair for a recent event.  While visiting her home on the weekend, we gave the pencil a try and gave Afton a few pink-ish streaks in her hair. We all loved the resulting highlights.  Apparently you can buy these pencils in a handful of colors so Afton has put her order in for every single one! 

Number Two: Speaking of home - while we were visiting my mother in my hometown of Exeter, I took an hour or so to walk the Main Street seeing what was new and what had changed.  I had not done this in ages so it was very refreshing.  I took this photo of the Old Town Hall while the sun shone and the white clouds floated by.  It looks just the same as it always has except that the new library has been built, attached to one side.  Other than that - it is just as I remember it.  Isn't it nice to go home??

Number Three:  This is this week's cake in my "A Cake a Week" challenge.  What kind is it? Well, it's a Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Cake taken from the book, One Bowl Baking. Seriously delicious and perfect after our long hike in the forest on Sunday afternoon. 

Number Four: I've been trying to add at least 36 squares (3 rows) to my colourful "Flower Garden" quilt top  each week.  I'd say I'm 3/4 complete now and I am looking forward to finishing it.  I can't wait to  sandwich the layers together and enjoy the summery new addition to our quilt and blanket collection.

Number Five:  While out for hike on Sunday afternoon, I came across this heart-shaped leaf resting quietly on a cut tree stump.  It struck me as very artistic  - as if someone had laid it there, resting on the edge.  I like the mix of textures, too,  especially when  there is hardly any colour in the image.

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else posts for their Five on Friday.  I see some tea-drinking and blog-reading in my future!

Off to dinner and the theatre with my hubby tonight.  Then tomorrow my mother is helping me get another stage of our camper-caravan renovation done. 
I really must share some pics of that soon, too!

Happy Friday!




  1. never heard of the hair pencils? Love the quilt top it will be lovely when its all done. Have a super weekend.

  2. The town hall looks impressive with its old-fashioned charm. Your quilt top is going to look very summery indeed when you get that together! Enjoy your weekend & the theatre.

  3. The town hall looks impressive with its old-fashioned charm. Your quilt top is going to look very summery indeed when you get that together! Enjoy your weekend & the theatre.

  4. Five great things! The cake looks especially delicious!!! That heart shaped leaf is gorgeous isn't it, just like the most perfect natural still life! Your quilt is gorgeous isn't it, you must be so pleased with it, I hope that it will soon be done so that you can enjoy using it. Hope too that you have a great weekend with your lovely activities that you have planned. Thank you so much as always for joining in! xx

  5. I love your five things, especially the heart shaped leaf and that delicious looking cake!! I really must start baking again :-) Have a wonderful weekend (we have a bank holiday this weekend, have you?). Take care xx

  6. It must be so much fun to live in an historic area. I loved all your photos. And, I agree, the heart shaped leaf is so artistic. Have a wonderful, fun, weekend!

  7. Oh such a lovely five. Those hair pencils are great, I love that pinky colour in Afton's hair. It is nice to go home and see things have not changed too much, the cake looks gorgeous. That leaf is very artistic. I can't wait to see your camper van. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  8. Lovely Five, especially the quilt.....well I can't resist photos of people quilts :)


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