Monday, January 5, 2015

Bringing Me Joy today.....

Back to work for me today after 2 glorious weeks off.  
Here are a few things making my heart sing as I return to my classroom full of munchkins.....

1. This amazing 3D Ravensburger  puzzle of the Eiffel Tower slowly coming together at our kitchen table.  Each family member has spent some time on it and we hope to complete it tonight!

2. Dear old friends visiting all the way from Ireland.  S & N are both university pals that we reconnected with when we ended up buying homes on the same street nearly 15 years ago.  We've raised our kids together until they moved to Europe for S's work.  We miss them terribly but are glad to see them twice a year.  My daughter Afton loved her 48 hours with her bestie, Charlotte.   

3.  My current read - "Fingersmith" by Sarah Waters.  I love a good historical novel, and this one is astonishing! Just when I thought I had the story figured out, there was  gigantic twist and I couldn't put it down.  I hear that the BBC has recently made a TV serial of the story.  I can't wait to watch it too!

4.  I bought dearest hubby this cookbook for Christmas.  We have used it constantly since then.  Two favourites - "Curried Fish Pie" and "Winter's Night Chili."  Not quick and easy, but well worth all the time spent infusing flavours and adding layers of ingredients.  

5.  A set of pom-pom makers - my new favourite crafting tool! Actually - the whole family loves it!  My daughter has been making pompoms constantly and my youngest son likes to play with it because it can be transformed into a "spaceship" !

6.  My mom was cleaning out her super-sized freezer and gave me a TON of frozen fruit.  I brought it all home and started making jam.  So far I've done a batch of rhubarb and a batch of peach.  Next up - blackberry!

7. Winter has returned to our part of Canada.  Actually - it's come back with a vengeance!  An ice and snowstorm is expected tonight and we will get at least 5cm of snow a day for the next week. 
The kids love it.  I love it.
  Bring it on!! 

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  1. Lots of happiness! I need to check out that author...haven't read any of her books. Those pop pom makers look like fun for sure. I might need a set of those! The snow is just gorgeous...enjoy! Hope your first day back with your kinders was a good one! I get mine back Wednesday. We have two work days before students return though. Got lots accomplished today. Have a wonderful week!

    1. The first week back has gone well so far - although it is shocking to have to get up so early! I hope your transition back went smoothly too!

  2. So lovely to be seeing you back here, I know I said it on one of your last posts but I really did miss seeing your posts pop up in my feed.
    I love how you Canadians embrace the snow. As soon as we see a couple of centimetres here in the UK, the whole country comes to a stand-still, we just can't cope with it. Still no sign of snow in my neck of the woods though. I am hoping we get some this year, we didn't get any last year and I actually missed it. It's not a proper winter without some snow.

    x x x x

    1. The snow is wonderful - the cold is not! Today we had a temperature of -16 degrees Celcius, but when you add in the wind-chill it FELT like -40!! Brrrr...... And the world goes on basically as normal. The kids won't play outside at recess but everything else stays the same. Canadians are heroes wen it comes to dealing with the snow and cold!


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